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Phabricator changelogs summary changes to Phabricator over time.

Effective June 1, 2021: Phabricator is no longer actively maintained.

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Active maintenance of Phabricator ended June 1, 2021.




Test year, please ignore.


In 2017 we hired our first real employee and transitioned the support side of the business to a paid model. We built a fulltext search engine out of MySQL table primitives using the maximum allowable number of joins per query. We unprototyped Badges and Git LFS, and added an emoji typeahead. 🐑


In 2016 we introduced subprojects and milestones, added clustering support, and unprototyped Phame.


In 2015, we launched Phacility SAAS and introduced the stable branch. We built Spaces, Badges, Phurl and EditEngine. We hosted upstream builds in Phabricator. We released Harbormaster and Ponder. We added the spin attribute for {icon}:


In 2014, we wrote the first versions of Almanac, Dashboards and Workboards. CustomFields appeared in the codebase. We added emoji support. We changed the name of a button from "Clowncopterize" to "Submit".


In 2013, we wrote the first versions of Conpherence, Legalpad, Harbormaster, Passphrase, Pholio, Phlux, Phortune, Phragment, Phrequent, Nuance, Releeph and Tokens. ApplicationSearch appeared in the codebase. We improved authentication. We implemented policies and hosted repositories.


In 2012, we added Flags and Notifications. The first versions of Calendar, Phame, Ponder, Drydock, and ApplicationTransactions appeared in the codebase. The company weathered the release of Diablo III. We removed subprojects.


Phabricator was released in 2011 with Differential, Diffusion, Maniphest, and a few other applications. In 2011 we improved the install and setup process, wrote Countdown, Feed, Paste, Phriction and Slowvote, and added support for Mercurial. We incorporated Phacility, Inc. We added the phabricator.serious-business option. We added subprojects.

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