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2012-07 July
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  • Changed color of menubar. Phabricator is undergoing some redesign, see T1569 for details.
  • Added a typeahead for main search.
  • Documented some recommendations on writing reviewable code.
  • Documented some recommendations on branching.


  • Added arc todo, to quickly create a task.
  • Added arc anoid.
  • Improved usability of arc configuration.
  • Arcanist now parses hg export headers.
  • Added commit range rule arc:amended.
  • Added editor configuration.
  • Improved compatibility with SVN on Windows.
  • Fixed various Mercurial issues.
  • Improved ability to debug diff parser issues.
  • arc upload now shows Fnnn number.
  • Improved handling of multiple line lint warnings.
  • Improved default severities of some pyflakes messages.


  • differential.createcomment now allows you to take any action, not just comment.
  • Added differential.createinline.
  • maniphest.query now supports full text search.


  • You can now generate a link which selects multiple line ranges, with the syntax 1-3,7-9.
  • If you have symbols indexed, Diffusion now shows cross-references.
  • We now handle missing .gitmodules more gracefully, if someone has deleted this file for some reason.
  • Explicit "Auditors:" now automatically receive the initial email.
  • Fixed handling of "user@domain:path" scp-style URIs, which we previously transformed into "ssh://" URIs incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where author and committer emails were not taken into account when associating Git commits with Phabricator account.
  • There is a new event emitted during author lookup that you can handle to improve Phabricator's ability to resolve authors and committers more simply than the old parser override mechanism (that mechanism is going away soon).
  • Fixed an issue where files that were copied and modified did not display modifications in some views.
  • File content view filter (highlighted, blame) is now sticky.
  • Improved performance of tag and branch generation.
  • Improved "blame previous revision".


  • Added full-text search to maniphest.query.
  • Fixed a bug where batch edits that added or removed the same set of projects a task already had were incorrectly ignored.
  • Parent tasks are now shown on task detail.


  • Improved Active Directory support.
  • Improved support for LDAP setups where the username is not the primary LDAP search thingy.
  • Administrators can now send the "Welcome to Phabricator" email again.


  • Added an option to require HTTPS connections for Facebook Auth.
  • Fixed several issues where passwords (especially LDAP passwords) might appear in plain text in stack traces or server logs if errors occurred during authentication.
  • Fixed some issues with LDAP escaping that could result in errors (although no privilege escalation) on bad inputs.
  • Evaluated vulnerability to OAuth CSRF attacks (we are not vulnerable).


  • Improved handling of To/Cc on mail with no To.
  • Added options to simplify mail bodies.

Developer & Infrastructure

  • Improved event listener documentation.
  • Added "stop on redirect" and "always profile" options.
  • Added a generic markup cache and moved most markup blobs to use it. This should improve the performance of Phriction and reduce the size of the Phabricator database.
  • Moved many types of object/object storage to Edges.
  • The Phabricator database connection and query handlers are now available in libphutil, if you want to use them in other projects.
  • New PhutilOpaqueEnvelope provides a simple way to mask passwords from stack traces.
  • Added a PhabricatorApplication class to improve modularization of Phabricator applications.
  • libphutil libraries may now contain hyphens in their names.
  • arc --trace now shows loaded library paths.
  • The TempFile class is less of a mess.


  • Fixed a bug where symbols with internal changes would not link correctly in Diffusion and Differential diff views.
  • The flag table should layout better in the presence of long columns.
  • The IRC bot can now connect to servers with no MOTD.
  • Inline comment previews in Diffusion work now.
  • phd status now has a more useful exit code.
  • Added a config option for appending to the webserver PATH.
  • Improved handling of encodings in git log.
  • Added a config option for the default monospace style.
  • Improved documentation for EDITOR configuration in Windows.
  • Fixed some issues with mail sent by Differential when you send it a command that it doesn't understand.
  • Phriction no longer publishes an edit if you don't change anything.
  • Fixed an issue where daemons could hold a needlessly large number of database connections.
  • Fixed an issue where closed connections might not actually be closed.
  • Added part of an ETL pipeline.
  • Added a link to report a bug.
  • Improved authentication errors for some arc patch workflows.
  • Fixed an issue where selecting children of a class with no descendants would raise a warning.
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