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2013-07 July
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  • Conpherence, an email-like messaging app, is now out of beta.
  • Tokens, a "like"-like lightweight feedback app, is now out of beta.
  • Added Legalpad, a beta application for managing terms and agreements.
  • Several applications have been modernized to use newer UI and infrastructure.
  • PHID type definitions have been broadly generalized, increasing the future viability of third-party applications.


  • Differential now uses ApplicationSearch.
  • Slowvote now uses ApplicationSearch.
  • Slowvote has received UI updates.
  • Conduit now uses ApplicationSearch.
  • Ponder now uses ApplicationSearch.
  • Releeph now uses ApplicationSearch.
  • Pholio now uses ApplicationSearch.
  • Countdown now uses ApplicationSearch.
  • Countdown has received UI updates.
  • Pholio now supports edits and updates.
  • Profiles and Projects now have a simplified UI.
  • Improved UI for selecting profile pictures.
  • Functions of the "MetaMTA" application have moved to bin/mail.
  • Daemon interfaces have been improved significantly.
  • Diffusion now uses a more reasonable UI to show auditors.
  • Paste and Files now support configurable email addresses for creating pastes and files, respectively.

Balance Changes

  • Daemon overseers now restart after 5s, down from 60s.

Developer / Internals

  • PHID type definitions are now loaded dynamically.
  • UNION queries are now correctly detected as reads by CSRF.
  • LDAP is now handled by the service profiler.
  • Daemons no longer use Conduit to update status.
  • Daemon exceptions originating in task or pull daemons now show more information.


  • csprintf() now masks credentials in commands so they don't appear in logs or debugging output.

Bug Fixes / Misc

  • Fixed an issue with code blocks and ASCII art.
  • Fixed an issue with autoloading self and parent.
  • Fixed an issue where Remarkup overescaped some text when rendering to text mode.
  • Moved probe script to bin/storage probe.
  • Fixed an issue with HTTPS feed hooks.
  • Added a setup warning for apc.stat misconfiguration.
  • Fixed a bug setting real name attributes in LDAP.
  • Added a setup warning for known bad versions of APC.
  • Fixed an issue where dead databases were included in too many operations.
  • Fixed an issue where Differential notification mail preferences were not fully respected.
  • Fixed an issue with phabricator.allowed-uris not really allowing URIs.
  • Fixed an issue with Aphlict on newer Node.
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