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2021 Week 22 (End of Active Maintenance)
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Summary of changes from May 22, 2021 to May 29, 2021.

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Effective June 1, 2021: Phacility is winding down operations and Phabricator is no longer actively maintained.


  • Updated most of the documentation to reflect that support is no longer available and Phabricator is no longer actively maintained. See T13654 for ongoing cleanup.

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May 29 2021, 9:14 PM

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I'd be interested in collaborating with anyone who is interested in continuing community-supported maintenance of Phabricator.

@epriestley: This is sad news which hits me pretty hard, and I don't really know what lead to this decision. You should know that you've been a huge influence on my development as a professional software engineer. It's been a pleasure working with you and I truly appreciate everything you've put into Phabricator over the years. Most of all the humor, which goes a long way towards making a tough job bearable when stress is high.

So long, and thanks for the fishes.

@epriestley You built an amazing product, with an amazing codebase (my HN tribute). As for @20after4, following phabricator and learning for along made me a better developer.
I often still refer to Phabricator when trying to understand how best architecturate a piece of code and I ask myself: "how Phabricator did it ?".

Hopefully, everything goes OK for you and you have no health / life problems.

Thank for the adventure.

Thank you @epriestley (and @btrahan, @chad, and others) for the great work done here!

I've personally learned a great deal from you - about everything software (and lots of non-software stuff).
Using Phabricator was always more fun then the other products in the industry (after the initial curve :) ). Coding in Phabricator has always been fun too, despite the PHP.

I wish you luck in your upcoming challenges!

I, too, would be interested in collaborating with anyone who is interested in continuing community-supported maintenance of Phabricator.

@avivey: a few folks have started discussing collaboration in the #phabricator channel on irc network.

Thank you @epriestley and all of Phacility. Phabricator is a shining example of a well-engineered product that itself encourages better engineering processes and having fun while doing so. I had a great time learning and using Phabricator and it has left a big impact. I only wish I could have been more involved in the development and community. Wishing everyone the best!

My company was a loving user of Phabricator (local server!) for over 10 years. I still fondly remember the discussions here and talking through new applications, testing changes, and so much more. I know that the use of this tool permanently shaped hundreds of engineers' views on code quality, review, the software development lifecycle, and so on. It will be missed.

Good luck in your future endeavors!

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