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2012-11 November
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  • Added preference for monospaced Remarkup areas.
  • Added support for login credentials when connecting to LDAP server.
  • Improved status editing in Calendar.
  • Our support policy is now less forgiving of fishing expeditions.
  • Fixed an issue where users would be redirected somewhere undesirable.
  • Removed tens of thousands of lines of legal boilerplate. The licensing for the project is unchanged.


  • Fixed bugs with diff.suppress-blank-empty in Git.
  • arc is now more flexible about uncommitted changes.
  • Added a lint result cache.
  • Fixed a bug with "--help" parsing.


  • Custom fields can now be indexed.

Diffusion / Audit

  • Fixed a bug where resigning users were not unsubscribed.
  • Added lint support to Diffusion.


  • Did a bunch of work on Drydock. None of this is useful yet.


  • Added feed HTTP hooks.
  • Celerity now loads resources required by Ajax responses.
  • Added key-value cache implementations.
  • Improved spritesheet generation.
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