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2013-02 February
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  • New "Tokens" application (giving a token is similar to "liking" something on Facebook).


  • Simplified configuration of developer options.
  • Developers are now encouraged to enable MySQL STRICT_ALL_TABLES mode.
  • DarkConsole now profiles and analyzes subrequests automatically.
  • Handling of static resources in developer mode has improved.
  • Improved debugging via print_r() / unexpected echo.


  • We now attempt to stabilize the window scroll position in a revision as changesets load.
  • The file tree is now disabled by default and controlled by a user preference. Its open/closed state is also sticky (5% of users loved it, 10% hated it).

Bot / Chatlog

  • The Phabricator IRC bot is now more-or-less protocol agnostic. Some configuration options have changed names as a result.
  • Added Campfire support.
  • Added Sound and Paste support to Campfire bot.
  • Added Flowdock support.
  • Chatlog is now a formal application.
  • Improved storage format of chatlog messages to accommodate multiple channels and protocols.


  • Improved email support (you can send an email to start a Conpherence thread).
  • Improved performance.


  • Added inline commenting.
  • Added CCs.


  • Files now share storage when the same file is uploaded more than once.
  • Files may now be uploaded by sha1 content hash.
  • Some types of temporary files are now marked and automatically garbage collected.


  • Profile images may now be imported from Gravatar.
  • Animated GIFs profile images are now supported (with imagemagick).
  • Improved garbage collection of cache entries.
  • Image macros can be created from URLs.
  • Improved attention counts on Phabricator homepage.
  • Improved Remarkup embed DSL to support a wider range of inputs.
  • Phabricator now prefers MySQLi to MySQL if unspecified.
  • Added a setup check for pygmentize being configured but not available.
  • Improved object embedding in Remarkup, especially of commits.


  • Closed an open redirect from Phame.
  • Fixed an OAuth HTTP vs HTTPS retargeting issue.
  • Explicitly disabled cURL protocols other than HTTP/HTTPS (see


  • "arc patch" now creates a commit with the original author information intact, if it is available.
  • Improved performance of file uploads from arc diff.
  • Improved performance of arc land in Mercurial.
  • Improved performance of file catenation from arc diff in Mercurial.
  • Added a linter for detecting unresolved merges.


  • Improved performance of HTTPSFuture.
  • libphutil now has a workable implementation of Damerau-Levenshtein.
  • PhutilArgumentWorkflows may now provide detailed help in addition to the existing summary help.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where # and - lists would merge in Remarkup.
  • Fixed a bug where cURL and lighttpd would interact badly over "Expect" headers.
  • Fixed a bug where arc could not run without git.
  • Fixed a bug where arc:upstream would fail.
  • Fixed a bug where $o->m()[0] was not detected by linters.
  • Fixed a bug where arc failed to parse some property changes to directories.
  • Fixed a bug where arc failed to parse property changes generated with very old versions of SVN.
  • Fixed a bug where arc incorrectly escaped files with @ in their names under SVN.
  • Fixed a bug where arc parsed certain diffs generated on Windows incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug where arc alnd was interpreted as arc amend.
  • Fixed some bugs with arc diff --create.
  • Fixed some rendering bugs with IE7/IE8.
  • Fixed various issues exposed by having everyone set STRICT_ALL_TABLES.
  • Fixed a bug where bin/storage ignored --user and --password for some patches.
  • Fixed mixed content warning in IE8.
  • Fixed some bugs with Mercurial handling in Diffusion.
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