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2013-01 January
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  • Phabricator's setup and install process has been greatly simplified. Use of PHABRICATOR_ENV and config files is no longer necessary, and is now recommended only for advanced users with complex deployment environments.
  • Configuration can now be edited by administrators using the "Config" tool in the web UI.
  • Many applications are now marked "Beta" and are no longer installed by default. You can enable them in Config -> Core.
  • Applications can now be uninstalled by administrators using the "Applications" tool in the web UI.
  • Setup mode has been removed.
  • A lot of the design is much better now.
  • Remarkup now supports meme generation.


  • New (BETA!) application for sending messages to users or groups within Phabricator.


  • Now supports Atom.


  • arc diff now supports --coverage and --no-coverage, which will be passed through to the underlying arc unit invocation.
  • arc land now resets the onto branch in Git after failing a push.
  • PHPUnit bindings now support PHPUnit 3.7.
  • arc lint and arc unit now exit with code 0 when there is nothing to do (previously, they exited with an error).
  • Lint errors can now point to more than one location (e.g., both the declaration and definition of a symbol).


  • Fixed several bugs with escaping of Mercurial branch/bookmark names.
  • Fixed an escaping issue with SVN, for commits which alter properties on the root directory.
  • Fixed an issue with arc diff --no-ansi and backgrounding.
  • Fixed an issue with parsing hg export --git diffs.
  • Fixed an issue with arc land in Mercurial when no rebase was required.
  • Fixed an issue where Git diffs generated with "\r\n" line endings on Windows.
  • Fixed some reporting problems with KVCaches and ServiceProfiler.
  • Fixed verbosity of daemons in --trace mode.
  • Fixed a bug where short Mercurial hashes in URLs in Diffusion would raise an incorrect/misleading error.
  • Fixed a bug where Phabricator would act on multiple copies of a message if it received them by, e.g., being subscribed to a mailing list and also a direct recipient.
  • Fixed an issue where Maniphest could not export tasks with a description beginning with =.
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