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2015 Week 25 (Late June)
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Summary of changes from June 13, 2015 to June 20, 2015.

PhabricatorrPrPb22fba185 commits
ArcanistrARCrARCf06eea09 commits
libphutilrPHUrPHU77125609 commits
NOTE: We are not promoting this release to stable. It is not especially unstable, but doesn't have many user-facing changes, and does contain a sweeping infrastructure change (universal extension from Phobject). The stable branches also aren't documented yet. This should all settle by next week.


  • There is an upcoming major design change. You can preview the changes here, on See T8549 for discussion and feedback.
  • There is an upcoming mandatory migration from old Differential hunk storage to new Differential hunk storage. Installs with a large amount of data and a long history can avoid maintenance downtime by running this migration manually in advance of when it becomes mandatory. Follow T8623 for discussion. This migration is several weeks away.
  • Several substantial performance regressions have been fixed.
  • Properties for individual diffs (like lint and unit test results) are now shown separately. This allows you to review test failures for old diffs.


  • No discussion this week.


  • We now maintain stable branches for libphutil, Arcanist, and Phabricator, but they aren't documented yet. They are slightly more stable than master. Check back next week for more details.
  • This release includes a migration adds some keys to differential_revision, which may take a few minutes on large installs.

Promoted to Stable

  • [stable; rPcace777b] Fixed an issue where duplicate mail could be sent if the recipient list included a disabled user.


  • Modernized Diviner in a variety of ways.
  • Diviner books can now be bound to repositories.



  • Phabricator now supports "object policies", which are policy rules that are specific to types of objects: for example, Maniphest Tasks now support a "Task Author" policy. Some of these rules are available as both custom policy rules and top-level policies.
  • Added a "Room Participants" object policy to Conpherence.
  • Added a "Subscribers" object policy.
  • Policy hints now show the more restrictive of the space policy and the object policy, when one is strictly stronger.
  • Policy dialogs now explain spaces in more detail.


  • Added a "Note" credential type to store blocks of arbitrary text, like a secret diary entry or your proprietary oatmeal cookie recipe.


  • Fixed some "Unknown Thing" strings which should be "Restricted Thing".
  • Added a few more mail preferences options.
  • The "Quote" button in Remarkup text areas is now smarter about quoting already-quoted text.
  • Fixed an issue where DarkConsole could do a large amount of useless work.
  • Slightly improved Diffusion handling of large files, like PDFs.
  • Conduit API parameters of type order are now marked as optional order.
  • Owners package typeahead is less of a mess.
  • Calendar now renders event descriptions with Remarkup.


  • Everything now extends from Phobject. This is a sweeping infrastructure change which can cause errors when Phobject detects access to undeclared properties that were previously ignored. Let us know if you catch any.
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