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2017 Week 51 (Very Late December)
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Summary of changes from Dec 18, 2017 to Dec 26, 2017.

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Upgrading / Compatibility

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  • [] arc land now colors and sorts builds in a more helpful way when asking the user if they want to continue despite ongoing or failed builds.
  • [] The Conduit API method now returns ANSI color information for build statuses.
  • [] Improved performance of arc operations in Git working copies for Git 2.11.0 and newer (from @alexmv, see D18842).
  • bin/storage dump now explicitly sets max_allowed_packet to 1G. In cases where a single row was exceptionally large, this could previously fail. It is unlikely that any reasonable user wants dumps to fail because a large row exists.
  • [] Fixed an issue where Diffusion blame information could fail to build when commits were authored by users without accounts.
  • Fixed an issue where event notifications could work incorrectly if no attendees were nontifiable.
  • Hiding both "Profile" and "Workboard" for a project no longer causes a fatal.
  • [] Fixed a registration workflow issue where requiring MFA could cause registration to skip the "Set Password" step, potentially confusing new users.

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