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2015 Week 19 (Early May)
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Summary of changes from May 2, 2015 to May 10, 2015.


  • Files now require only a finite number of policy checks in all cases.


  • No security changes in this period.


  • Arcanist no longer includes commit hook modes (git-hook-pre-receive, svn-hook-pre-commit). We believe this feature was essentially unused and not useful. See T7674.


  • Conduit now shows example calls.
  • arc now accepts --conduit-token to make bot/script access much easier.
  • Console now works better on mobile.
  • passphrase.query works better and emits descriptions.


  • Conpherence threads can be given custom images.
  • Improved reliability of real-time message delivery.
  • Fulltext search results work a little better.
  • Public rooms are now really public on public installs.


Calendar is a prototype application which we are moving toward release. See T7924. This application is still missing major functionality.

  • Added a day/week view.
  • Added support for "All Day" events.
  • Calendar events now show host.
  • Added support for colloquial time names.


  • Indexed symbols are now repository-based.
  • Merchants can now review unpaid invoices in Phortune.
  • Inline comments in Differential which have been brought forward across diffs ("ghosts") now link to the original comment.
  • "Ghost" inlines in Differential now use a slightly smarter positioning algorithm which attempts to perform coarse positional corrections.
  • "Ghost" inlines can now be disabled completely in settings.
  • Fixed an issue with retrieving merged commits in Git.
  • Improved performance of synthetic changesets.
  • Fixed an issue with not(project) in Diffusion.
  • Fixed an issue with the {meme} rule which could cause fewer memes to display than desired.
  • Fixed an issue with "Reply" inlines sometimes not saying on the correct side of the diff.
  • Improved logic for hovercard positioning.


  • Made minor improvements to Multimeter.
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