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2012-09 September
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Major Changes

  • If your GitHub username is 0, Phabricator now works correctly for you. Thanks for the report, guy with the GitHub username 0. You've made this software better for everyone.
  • @epriestley moved and built a lot of new furniture.


  • Separated application, improved UI.


  • Improved handling of double-width console characters in arc tasks.
  • The PHPUnitTestEngine now searches far and wide to find tests.
  • Lint and unit tests now run in the background more frequently.
  • Fixed a bug with patching empty files in Git.
  • Added a basic Ruby linter.
  • All events now include the triggering workflow.


  • You can now close or reference Maniphest tasks by mentioning them in commit messages, e.g. "Closes T123", "Closes T123 as Wontfix", or "Ref T123".


  • Fixed inconsistencies when updating asynchronous unit test status for Differential revisions.
  • Added automagic saving of selected action (ie accept, comment, reject, etc) as part of comment draft


  • Now supports comments.


  • "More Stuff" now links to application launch page.
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