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2012-02 February
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  • Homepage is now a dashboard.
  • Greatly improved the Audit tool.
  • Added basic support for Phabricator as an OAuth provider.


  • Deprecated "arc merge".
  • When updating revisions, prefill the update message.


  • Added feed.query method.
  • Added remarkup.process method.
  • Added phid.query method.


  • Fixed a bug where diffs could become orphaned.
  • Fixed a bug where inline comments might appear on the wrong side of a diff.
  • Revision list views now respect custom fields.
  • Added a fixed header which identifies the current file.


  • Added additional protections against HTTP response splitting.
  • Fixed an issue where some browsers were vulnerable to content-sniffing attacks on Ajax responses.
  • Fixed an issue where some user agents (like the iPad) would ignore Content-Disposition and execute HTML on a privileged domain.
  • Fixed an issue where CSRF tokens could be leaked to external domains by some forms.


  • Added basic reporting.
  • Added a basic batch editor.
  • Added excel export.
  • Improved flexibility of custom queries.


  • Added email preferences to reduce email volumes.
  • Search box is now contextual.
  • Added a basic chat log application.
  • Improved some other IRC bot handlers.
  • Added nested list support to Remarkup.
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