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2017 Week 13 (Very Early April)
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Summary of changes from March 24, 2017 to April 2, 2017.

PhabricatorrPrP163e1ec44239 commits
ArcanistrARCrARCd1db9a720 commits
libphutilrPHUrPHUc581e763 commits
Instances (SAAS)rSAASrSAAS8057ec10 commits
Services (SAAS)rSERVICESrSERVICES772620e0 commits
Core (SAAS)rCORErCORE3eebdfc0 commits
  • These changes were promoted to stable.


  • Most changes this week affected Elasticsearch, see note in "Upgrading / Compatibility".


  • No notes in this period.


20170328.reviewers.01.void.sql598 ms

"Duration" is the duration for this install, and may not be representative.

Upgrading / Compatibility

  • The way Elasticsearch is configured has changed substantially. If you use Elasticsearch, see T12493 for additional guidance.


  • Fixed an issue where "Request Review" could keep revisions in "Accepted".
  • Users who own a containing package can now "force accept" on behalf of packages which own subpaths.
  • There was an outstanding issue with "sticky accept" when this release was cut, see T12496. Fixes have been cherry-picked to stable (rP061375fd, rP520d3b93).


  • :3 and similar no longer summon the emoji autocompleter.
  • Fixed a drag-width issue with the filetree element.
  • now returns task descriptions.
  • can now query for more relationships.
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