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2012-08 August
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  • Fixed an issue where uncommitted Git changes were not correctly detected.
  • Fixed an issue where "arc commit" would show only one branch if several were at the same commit.
  • Fixed an issue where arc alias reversed parameter order.
  • Improved some error messages in arc patch.
  • Fixed compatibility issues for arc anoid with older machines.
  • Implemented base85 conversion in a 32-bit safe way, dropping bcmath dependency
  • Added an --ignore-unsound-tests flag to arc diff.
  • Improved detection of missing zlib dependency.
  • Fixed an issue with arc patch and SVN properties.
  • Added a --bookmark flag to arc patch for Mercurial.


  • Added a paste.query method.
  • Deprecated
  • differential.createcomment now has a silent option (intended for bots).
  • Added flag.delete.
  • Added phast.version, phpast.getast.


  • Implicit documents now sort correctly in the tree view.


  • Various navigation/chrome changes.
  • Top menu actions are now application-driven.


  • Paste metadata can now be edited.
  • The Paste application now works reasonably well on tablets and phones.
  • The Paste application now supports basic policy controls.
  • Creation dates are now shown.


  • Added an arc flag workflow.
  • Pastes can now be flagged.
  • Differential now shows flag status in lists.
  • Improved display of flags.


  • "Create New Similar Task" now inherits the priority of the first task.
  • Tasks can now be sorted by title. Revolutionary!


  • Dependent revisions are now shown.
  • Added a configuration option to allow any revision to be closed by any user.
  • Added a file tree view.
  • Context is now shown in gaps between changes (e.g., the function or class a change appears in).
  • Added a "Delete" link to inline comment previews.
  • Fixed a bug where "Show Raw File" might show the wrong file for diffs-of-diffs.
  • Commits can now be tagged with projects.
  • Symbol links now try to guess your selection intent when you click them.
  • Added an option to allow diffs to be inlined into mail.


  • Diffusion can now store symbols with scope/context (e.g., a method name with its class name as context).
  • Diffusion now distinguishes between unparsed and nonexistent commits better.
  • Improved handling of non-utf8-encoded repositories.
  • Symbols are now linked in Remarkup code blocks.
  • Improved display of author/committer information.


  • Removed subprojects. This feature never did anything; we plan to restore it eventually but for now all it does is make people ask "how do subprojects work?" (answer: they don't).
  • Improved design and functionality of membership editing.
  • Projects now support basic policy controls.


  • New Q&A application.


  • Improved handling of Reply All mail that hits Phabricator in the crossfire.
  • Improved integration with PHPMailerLite.
  • Fixed an issue where To/Cc might get mixed up.


  • Users are no longer notified of their own actions.
  • Differential notifications are now aggregated.


  • Disabled users are now considered "Closed" document for the purposes of document indexing.


  • Fixed a resource leak in PhabricatorGlobalLock.
  • Removed a historic sanity check against enormous memory limits.
  • Separated "Mailing Lists" into its own application.
  • Improved transparency handling in thumbnail generation.
  • Added spriting tools.
  • Transactions are no longer considered open until the START TRANSACTION succeeds.
  • Libphutil now has a native permissive lexer for PHP.
  • Improved libphutil support for HTTPS proxies.
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