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2015 Week 24 (Mid June)
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Summary of changes from June 6, 2015 to June 13, 2015.

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ArcanistrARCrARC7d15b852 commits
libphutilrPHUrPHU92882eb3 commits


  • Changes in this period primarily fix latent issues with the infrastructure changes in the previous period.
  • We now garbage collect old notifications after 90 days.


  • No discussion this week.


  • Added a migration which attempts to update Herald rules which use mailing lists. See T8398 for discussion.


  • Fixed an issue with @mentions in revisions generating an error.
  • Fixed an issue with @mentions in Calendar.
  • Fixed an issue where joining a project would try to write an inverse edge on the joining user.
  • Fixed an issue where Herald subscriptions were not processed immediately.
  • Fixed an issue where Herald "Send an Email" actions were sometimes discarded.
  • Fixed cases where Conpherence threads could loop while loading handles.
  • Fixed an issue where certain feed stories could try and fail to load a CSRF token while publishing in the daemons.
  • Fixed an issue where Conpherence could duplicate messages.
  • Fixed an issue where marking inlines as "Done" wouldn't work correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where unverified or unapproved users could not establish a web session in order to view the error.
  • Fixed an issue with Conpherence threads not defaulting to the participants widget.
  • Fixed a hang with querying Feed on 32-bit systems.


Spaces is a prototype application.

  • Spaces now have descriptions, can be archived, can be bulk edited, support Herald conditions and ApplicationEmail, and have a more usable UI.
  • Spaces are now supported in Pholio and Maniphest.


  • Added new "SearchFields" infrastructure.
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