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2012-06 June
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  • Phabricator now supports notifications and real-time alerts. This feature still has a few rough edges and is off by default, but you can learn more about it here and enable it if you want to check it out. It will be on by default soon. This feature was implemented by @ddfisher, @keebuhm and @allenjohnashton for CS210 at Stanford.
  • Arcanist now supports a more powerful (but also more complex) method to specify commit range rules. We will eventually move toward replacing other mechanisms with this mechanism, although we're not planning to move too quickly on it. This new mechanism is significantly more flexible than existing methods and works today, though.
  • Phabricator now has some support for translation to other languages.
  • libphutil v1 libraries can no longer be regenerated with arc liberate. You will be prompted to upgrade them. Remaining v1 support will be removed in the next month or two.


  • arc now supports local (working copy) configuration.
  • arc now supports system (entire machine) configuration.
  • arc now writes scratch files into .hg / .svn / .git
  • Improved Mercurial support.
  • Improved "arc branch" in immutable history repositories.


  • You can now download raw diffs directly from Differential, if it isn't convenient to use arc export / arc patch.
  • When commandeering a revision, you are now removed as a reviewer.
  • Improved custom field support.


  • Git branches can now be tracked by Diffusion without closing associated revisions when commits appear on them.
  • Fixed some bugs with non-utf8 encodings.
  • Pull dameons now acquire locks on repositories while executing discovery, so more than one can be run as an easy approach to tuning.
  • Commits now publish to feed.
  • Repository management has been somewhat consolidated under bin/repository.
  • Substantially improved the performance of commit discovery under Git.


  • Custom queries now support full-text search.


  • Chatlog is somewhat better.
  • Usernames may now include ".", "-" or "_".
  • Administrators can now change usernames.
  • Administrators can now delete user accounts.
  • Moved to GitHub v3 API.
  • The configuration guide has been updated to fix an error with the routing rules for nginx. If ".php" files in Diffusion don't work, check the updated guide for the fixed rule.
  • Phabricator now supports LDAP authentication.


  • Added a file lock primitive.
  • Added a global lock primitive.
  • Added a Conduit call primitive.
  • Added a set of "channel" I/O primitives.
  • Added a console server primitive.
  • Daemons now have a --verbose flag and somewhat improved logging.
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