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2014-10 October
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  • Upgrading will apply a major schema adjustment. See below for details.
  • We now send more mail about commits. This brings Diffusion in line with other applications, which already had similar mail rules. You can change your settings in SettingsEmail Preferences.

Upgrading and Compatibility

  • Upgrading will apply a major schema adjustment that moves the entire database away from utf8 (to utf8mb4, on most systems). Among other things, this allows emoji to work correctly and fixes many issues with importing repositories containing emoji or other 4-byte unicode characters. This adjustment may take a significant amount of time to apply. For more information, see T6485.


  • We received about 30 reports this month via HackerOne, but none described actual vulnerabilities.

Prototype Applications

Prototypes are unsupported and not yet ready for general use.

  • Phortune now allows other applications to accept payments using Stripe, Paypal, WePay, or Balanced.
  • Fund now allows users to create and fund initiatives.
  • Almanac now supports Services, Bindings, Networks, Interfaces, Devices, and properties.

Minor Changes

  • bin/config is now more powerful and has some options to help migrate configuration between sources.
  • Differential is now more clear when closing a revision in response to discovering a commit.
  • We have removed Gravatar support. This feature saw very little use and created various problems for installs with restricted access to the public internet.
  • Fixed an issue where links in HTML mail did not link properly in some mail clients.
  • Remarkup now supports starting lists at arbitrarily large numbers.
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