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2013-11 November
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Major Changes

  • Phabricator now supports repository hosting. This feature is new and in beta, but ready for general use. Let us know if you run into issues.
  • Added an approval queue for new accounts, which requires an administrator to manually approve each new account. This is enabled by default to give new installs greater control over access. You can disable it in configuration.
  • Added a new application, Nuance. Nuance is a work queue for high-volume human tasks, like user support, social media management, and content review. Nuance is pre-alpha and not yet ready for general use.
  • Added a new application, Harbormaster. Harbormaster is a build/integration tool. Harbormaster is in early beta with select installs and missing a lot of features which it will need to be generally useful.
  • Added a new application, Passphrase. Passphrase is a credential store. Passphrase is primarily a support application which other applications (like Diffusion) use to simplify credential management. Passphrase is fully released and used by other applications today.

Minor Changes

  • Added phame.queryblog method.
  • Added phame.querypost method.
  • Merged diffusion.expandshortcommitquery and diffusion.stablecommitnamequery into the more sensible diffusion.resolverefs.
  • Added bin/repository mark-imported.
  • Added bin/repository importing.
  • Added support for ecdsa-sha2-nistp256 SSH keys.
  • Removed differential.anonymous-access. With the advent of policies, this flag is obsolete.
  • Users are now roadblocked more aggressively when trying to register with a disallowed email address.
  • Added a Login button which appears on logged-out content pages.
  • Repository local paths can no longer be edited from the web UI, for security and consistency reasons. They can be edited from the CLI instead, with bin/repository edit.
  • Maniphest now include a "Subscribed" query by default.
  • You can now specify width and height on embedded files in Remarkup.
  • Improved various aspects of VCS command execution.
  • Phabricator is now much more aggressive about correcting remote URIs, fixing an issue with Git 1.7.1 and older and bare clones.
  • Diffusion now supports mirroring hosted Git repositories to external remotes, like GitHub.
  • Linked JIRA issues now render with a tagged link style.
  • Maniphest now propagates policies from template tasks.
  • Remarkup interpreter {{{ ... }}} blocks now time out after 15 seconds.
  • Added some more options to support Asana integration.
  • Macro selector is now a typeahead.


  • XHPAST now supports b'string'.
  • Fixed some issues when parsing Mercurial repositories with no branches.
  • Fixed an issue where arc would incorrectly enumerate unstaged changes in ignored submodules.
  • Improved grammar of some Phriction email.
  • Fixed an issue where comments weren't surfaced well in Feed.
  • Fixed exception pages returning HTTP 200 instead of HTTP 500.
  • Fixed an issue where the repository.create regular expression was too liberal.
  • Fixed an issue with updating multiple images in Pholio.
  • Fixed a permissions check when disabling/enabling macros which prevented anyone from acting.
  • Fixed an issue with Ponder question rename stories.
  • Phabricator now treats mail addresses as case-insensitive.
  • Fixed an issue with adding memes to palette-based PNGs.
  • Fixed an issue where Omnipotent queries could still hit policy exceptions unexpectedly.
  • Fixed an issue where Maniphest's "Group By: Owner" would produce nonsensical results.
  • Fixed an issue where bin/auth recover would fail if the base URI was not yet set.
  • Fixed some issue with nonsense SVN path construction under various circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where query parameters would incorrectly expand when paging.


  • Improved performance of libphutil subclass discovery.
  • Improved performance of phutil_loggable_string().
  • Improved performance of Remarkup custom interpreter construction.
  • Improved performance of ad-hoc unit test result rendering in Differential.


  • Added an --output flag to arc feature.

Developer / Misc

  • Filesystem::readRandomBytes() should now work better on more systems.
  • Added urisprintf().
  • PhutilChannel now supports explicitly closing the write channel.
  • DifferentialDiff objects now have PHIDs.
  • The query plan analyzer now works on Ajax calls.
  • debug.stop-on-redirect now shows stack traces.
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