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2012-03 March
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  • You can now add a custom logo header, like the beautiful rainbow above (at the time of posting).
  • The "Audit" workflow is fairly useful now.
  • Diffusion received a lot of small updates to fix bugs and improve the browsing experience.
  • A new "Flag" feature allows you to mark objects (reviews, tasks, commits) for later review.
  • is now running a custom nginx/php-fpm/patches stack which greatly improves performance. We'll detail this once we get a blog up.
  • We migrated all the data storage to utf8 collation explicitly. This should have no user impact, but it may take a while to apply the upgrade.


  • Improved support for Subversion 1.7.
  • Improved Windows compatibility.
  • Improved handling of unusual branch names.
  • Added a rule to the PHP linter to detect local clobbering with iterators.


  • Added a number of features to improve this workflow.
  • Documented the audit workflow.


  • Added an option to include diff text in diff email.
  • Added an "ignore all" whitespace mode.
  • Improved coverage integration.
  • Fixed various problems with trailing newlines.


  • Improved support for submodules.
  • Improved support for merges.
  • Added branch/merge diagrams to commit lists.
  • Fixed a number of bugs with unusual branch and path names.
  • Improved file/raw interfaces.
  • Directories with a README now render the readme.
  • Parent commits are now shown.


  • New feature, allows you to mark objects with a reminder flag, for later review.
  • Added the ability to mark objects with flags via Herald.


  • Improved builtin reports.
  • Added more batch editor actions.


  • New ctags script for importing symbols from other languages, like Python.
  • Removed MetaMTA daemon; mail is now sent by Taskmaster daemons.
  • Improved tokenizer display and ordering.
  • Improved copy/paste behavior in code Paste, Differential, Diffusion interfaces.
  • Improved thumbnail generation.


  • New rule for ~~deleted~~ text.
  • Improved {Fxxx} rendering.
  • Added ` as an alternative to ## for monospaced text.


  • Improved Windows compatibility.
  • Improved handling of SSL certificates and certificate failures.
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