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2021 Week 8 (Late February)
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Summary of changes from February 13, 2021 to February 19, 2021.

PhabricatorrPrPbe0bb68f6517 commits
ArcanistrARCrARCf501f85e0 commits
Instances (SAAS)rSAASrSAASf7744660 commits
Services (SAAS)rSERVICESrSERVICES270d6f80 commits
Core (SAAS)rCORErCOREe5a9f4c0 commits
  • These changes were promoted to stable.


[] Exiled Users: This release improves handling of "exiled" users: users who are associated with an object in some way (often as a subscriber or reviewer) but do not have permission to see it.


  • No notes in this period.


20210215.changeset.01.phid.sql9,580 ms
20210215.changeset.02.phid-populate.php153,880 msSee below.
20210216.index.01.version.sql8,252 ms
20210216.index.02.epoch.sql8,085 ms

"Duration" is the duration for this install, and may not be representative.

Upgrading / Compatibility

NOTE: This release includes a potentially slow migration, 20210215.changeset.02.phid-populate.php.

This migration adds PHIDs to "DifferentialChangeset" objects to support the new API method. A rough estimate of the cost of this migration is 5 minutes per million changesets. You can figure out how many changesets you have with:

mysql> SELECT MAX(id) FROM phabricator_differential.differential_changeset;

For example: if you have 12,000,000 changesets, this migration may take about 60 minutes to apply. The migration can be deferred or run online, but doing so is complex; contact support if you administrate a large install and want more guidance.


  • [] Added a Conduit API method. See T13605.
  • [] Added more constraints to createdStart, createdEnd, startedStart, startedEnd, completedStart, completedEnd, statuses. See T13607.
  • [] When rebuilding Ferret search engine indexes, IDs are now used less wastefully. The old strategy could lead to ID exhaustion of a 32-bit ID after many reindexes on large installs. See T13587.
  • Added new flags to bin/search index: --version, --min-index-date, --max-index-date. These flags are mostly intended to simplify cleanup if issues are later identified with the previous change.
  • Fixed an issue where the Remarkup hyperlink rule could take a very long time to fail to find matches in long inputs. See T13608.
  • [] Added more Harbormaster build variables: buildable.object.phid, buildable.container.phid, buildable.phid, and build.phid. See T13609.
  • Fixed an issue with Facebook OAuth and the "security_settings" property. See T13615. This has probably been broken for quite a while without anyone noticing, so Facebook OAuth may be removed in a future version of Phabricator if no users crawl out of the woodwork.

The [] icon indicates a change backed by support mana.

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