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2012-10 October
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  • improved handling of new lines across platforms (unix-like, windows X mercurial, git, svn)
  • improved handling of diffs that move / copy and added test coverage
  • improved handling of binary files
  • further refined asynchronous workflows for unit and lint


  • robustified support of self-review, self-push, etc.
    • y'all are crazy

Lisk (Object-authoritative data access object)

  • added warnings for writing to undeclared properties
  • removed optimistic lock code - silly and unused


  • enabled editing
  • upgraded to "pinboard" UI


  • introduced "lightbox" UI for pictures throughout Phabricator
  • added "busy" UI for ajax actions throughout Phabricator
  • Phame work required a few core changes
    • introduced PhabricatorBarePageView for pages not intended to look like Phabricator
    • refined static resources to be served from full URI
  • made most applications actual applications with Phabricator (see /applications/)
  • stopped storing blank drafts
  • myriad bug fixes

Notifications and Email

  • make it so notifications that also sent an email are marked as read automagically
  • added more fine-grained on / off email controls
  • added configuration setting for user email address format in emails
  • made email replies from Phabricator not send to recipients who were on the initial thread
    • still needs more work for email lists -- see T1726


  • refined concept of blogs
    • posts tied 1:1 to blogs
    • blogs have "skins" allowing for specific styles
    • blogs can be served to custom URIs, eg
  • now policy aware
  • modernized UI


  • enabled subscriptions
  • improved search indexing
  • misc UI tweaks in the name of modernization


  • added simpler table syntax


  • moved deletion to command line
  • made deletion actually delete all pertinent data

Status tool

  • made UI at /calendar/


  • now works on windows!
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