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2019 Week 21 (Very Late May)
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Summary of changes from May 16th, 2019 to May 27th, 2019.

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  • These changes were promoted to stable.


  • [] Added a new transaction-level view of feed in FeedTransaction Logs. This is primarily aimed at audit-related use cases where you are interested in answering questions like "What edits were made to Herald rules during Q1 2019?".


  • [] Fixed an issue where mail could be constructed using the actor as a viewer rather than the recipient, possibly disclosing information (object names) the recipient otherwise could not see. This issue likely affected only the "alice closed subtask X." transaction, and could disclose the title of subtask X to recipients on the parent task who could not otherwise see the subtask.
  • [] Editing comments now requires CAN_INTERACT permission. Specifically, this means that users may no longer edit comments on locked tasks.


20190523.myisam.01.documentfield.sql4 ms

"Duration" is the duration for this install, and may not be representative.

Upgrading / Compatibility

  • [] This release drops the defunct search_documentfield, which has had no readers or writers for more than a year. This table powered the older FULLTEXT search engine which has been superseded by the newer Ferret search engine.


  • [] bin/phd start now starts the Fact daemon in addition to the other daemons.
  • [] Dashboards now support a "Chart" panel type. It isn't very useful yet.
  • [] Project menus now have a "Reports (Prototype)" menu item. Calling this a "Prototype" is extremely charitable.
  • This release includes a large number of other internal infrastructure changes to charts.


  • [] Worked around a segfault in PCRE after forking which could prevent daemons from launching under PHP 7.3 on macOS. See T13296.
  • [] Worked around Vim exiting with an error code after an interactive command mistake if invoked as vi rather than vim on macOS. See T13297.
  • [] Improved performance of string replacement in some remarkup documents with a very large number of replacement rules.
  • [] The Herald test console now guesses a reasonable recent transaction group more often and more accurately when evaluating change-based rules.
  • [] When an object URI is posted in a comment, it now counts as a "mention" of the object (that is, writing T123 and writing have the same behavior).
  • [] JIRA and Asana serivice calls to enrich Doorkeeper tags now have a 15-second timeout.
  • [] Diffusion no longer wraps rendered README file content at an arbitrary fixed width.
  • You can now search for "No Reviewers" in Differential to find revisions with no active reviewers.
  • The Differential revision list no longer shows resigned reviewers in the "Reviewers: ..." summary.
  • [] When you post a link to a source file in Diffusion, it is now rendered specially.
  • [] The new {source ...} rule in Remarkup allows you to reference Diffusion source files more flexibly, but doesn't do much of interest yet and isn't documented. Good luck!
  • [] Fixed an issue where differences in sort stability between PHP 5 and PHP 7 could cause inconsistent selection of invisible feed stories with equal strength. Invisible feed stories are now consistently sorted into a stable order before being discarded.
  • Creating a Phriction document no longer doubles the content in the initial email.
  • Fixed two Drydock pagingation issues: one with logs; one with bin/drydock lease.
  • [] When you apply a group of transactions where some transactions have an effect and some transactions do not, and elect to apply only the transactions with an effect, and are prompted for MFA, the workflow now resolves rather than looping.

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