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2013-10 October
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Major Changes

  • Differential now shows each reviewer's status individually.
  • Projects can now review revisions.
  • Repository creation and management has been substantially rewritten and is now only somewhat horrible and confusing, down from very horrible and confusing.
  • We've made significant progress toward allowing Phabricator to host repositories. This should be usable for the ambitious in about a week.
  • Projects now have a nicer editor for composing project icons.
  • Added support for Mozilla Persona as an Auth provider.
  • Many interfaces look much nicer.
  • Remarkup now supports dot, figlet, and cowsay.
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  • Herald can now add reviewers, and add blocking reviewers.
  • Herald has several new fields available.
  • Herald now respects policies more carefully.


  • "Applications" application now uses ApplicationSearch.
  • Added a differential.getrawdiff Conduit method.
  • Applications now have application-level use policies which are consistently enforced.
  • Phabricator now supports custom, rule-based policies.
  • Maniphest now supports an !assign email command.
  • Handles now distinguish between restricted and unknown objects.
  • Phrequent is very moderately less terrible than it used to be.
  • Maniphest now has very granular field-level permissions.
  • Didn't add any secret board views to projects.
  • Flags can now filter by object type.


  • arc patch now attempts to apply dependencies.
  • arc feature now autocompletes branch names.

Developer / Infrastructure

  • Added setEnv() to ExecFuture.
  • Arcanist now sets ARCANIST in the environment when running commands. Scripts in subprocesses (like local Git commit hooks) can examine the environment for this value to determine if they are running inside an arc command.
  • Arcanist now manages configuration more sensibly.
  • Remarkup rules are now more reasonably pluggable.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved parsing of diffs with exotic comment headers.
  • Fixed a parsing issue with PhutilSimpleOptions with backslashes and unterminated quotes.
  • Fixed an issue where arc would interpret a/b/ being an external to mean a/breakfast/ was also an external.
  • Fixed an issue with first-time registration not prompting correctly for account creation.
  • Fixed an issue with some exotic email clients and their creative quoting styles.
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