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2012-01 January
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  • Added new "arc land".
  • Added coverage support to "arc unit".
  • "Accept" race conditions in Differential no longer result in an empty comment.
  • Lint warnings appear as inline comments in Differential.
  • Inline comments which aren't visible in the current view are linked to the appropriate view.
  • Added "open in external editor..." support to Differential and Diffusion.


  • Greatly improved the "arc patch" workflow.
  • Added "--raw" flag to "arc diff".
  • Improved "arc diff" behavior for multiple ambiguous commit messages.
  • Improved mercurial handling of relative commits.
  • Unified "arc unit" and "arc lint" argument signatures.
  • Added new "arc which".


  • Added a new JSHint linter.
  • Added a new spellcheck linter.
  • Added a new conduit linter.
  • Added a new Comprehensive lint engine.
  • Improved PEP8 linter.
  • Improved XHPAST linter.


  • Split rules into "global" and "personal" rules.
  • Fixed a performance issue with rule application tracking.
  • Rules owned by disabled users no longer take effect.


  • Added additional keyboard shortcuts.
  • Added a dropdown menu for view options.
  • Fixed some issues with anchor navigation.
  • Added links to Diffusion.
  • Added "reveal entire file".

Diffusion / Repositories

  • Git repositories may now selectively track branches.
  • Git commits now show branches they appear on.


  • Added %%% literal-block syntax.
  • Added tables of contents.
  • Added more options to code blocks and embedded images.


  • Phriction now saves edit drafts.


  • This tool is somewhat less awful now.


  • Added maniphest.update.
  • Added project.query.


  • Removed XHP support.
  • Fixed an issue where unterminated multiline comments would be omitted from the PHP AST.


  • Marked tons of classes "final".
  • Added brute-force protection to logins.
  • Fixed various configuration issues with obscure PHP SAPIs.
  • Fixed configuration issues with bare domains.
  • Fixed an issue with mail threading in OS X Lion.
  • Landed a rough initial cut of "Drydock", a general resource allocation and management tool.
  • Fixed link issues with iframed content.
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