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2014-11 November
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  • Phriction now supports per-page policies.
  • Phriction now supports Herald rules.


  • We received about 15 reports this month via HackerOne, but none described meaningful vulnerabilities.

Upgrading and Compatibility

  • Because Phriction now has real policy support, the automatic binding of projects to Phriction pages has been removed. Existing pages will migrate to have the same policy rules as they used to, but projects and specific pages are no longer bound tightly together. This is generally more powerful (you can have multiple pages for a project, and put them in different places) and less buggy (moving pages around is no longer a huge mess). If you want to provide a link to a wiki page from a project page, we recommend you add a link to the project description.


  • New SiteSource config hook allows Phabricator to read custom configuration sources.
  • Added bin/worker flood for creating a large task queue.


  • Updated some icons.
  • Improved rendering of some feed stories.
  • Fixed an issue where Conpherence could fail when viewing a large number of threads.
  • project.query now contains more project information.
  • Improved rendering of duplicate merging in Maniphest.
  • Hosted repositories now create with some more sensible defaults.
  • Maniphest task rules in Herald can now operate on task status.
  • bin/config now works better when some configuration is incorrect.
  • Added setup checks for bad/old versions of Git/Subversion/Mercurial.
  • Added a setup check for ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY.
  • Typeaheads now show exact matches first.
  • Both text and HTML mail (still experimental) got better at rendering remarkup.
  • Creation of standalone diffs in Differential is now more consistent with other applications and objects.
  • Mail about workboards now includes a link to the workboard.
  • Projects can now have default view, edit and join policies speicified.
  • Fixed a performance issue with large task queues.
  • Fixed a performance issue with logged out users on installs with many tasks.
  • Fixed a performance issue with Maniphest reports.
  • "Meme" hint button is how hidden if the Macros application is not available.
  • Fixed some Firefox and Chrome display glitches.
  • Fixed some minor display issues with checkbox lists.
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