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2019 Week 11 (Mid March)
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Summary of changes from March 8, 2019 to March 16, 2019.

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[] Workboard Column Groups: Cards on workboard columns now have more grouping and sorting options.

[] Dragging Between Columns: Previously, if you ordered a workboard by priority and dragged a card from one column to another, the operation implied making any priority changes required to position the card where you placed it.

For example, if you dragged a card from column "A" to column "B" and dropped it between two other cards with "High" priority, the priority of the card you dropped would be changed to "High". Although the rules of the workboard implied this outcome, it wasn't very intuitive.

The rules for this kind of drag have changed.

Workboards now treat dragging "between columns" and dragging "within a column" as two different operations. Moving a card from column "A" to column "B" is a drag "between" columns: the starting and ending columns are different. Moving a card from column "A" to a different position in the same column "A" is a drag "within" a column: the starting and ending columns are the same.

When you drag a card "between columns", you can no longer change its position in the destination column in the same operation. Instead, the card is locked into the "correct" position in the destination column so that dropping it will not imply any secondary edits.

When you drag a card "within a column", you can reposition it and make secondary edits.

For example, if you are viewing a workboard in the "Group by Priority" mode and drag a "Normal" priority card from column "A" to column "B", you will not be allowed to select a vertical position for the card in the column. The UI preview will show the "correct" position for the card in the column (under the "Normal" priority header). When you drop the card, it will always drop in to the correct place, so its priority will never be changed.

If you want to change the priority, drag it from "Normal" to "High" in the same column. If the starting and ending columns are the same, you are allowed to select a vertical position in the column.


  • No notes in this period.


  • No migrations in this period.

Upgrading / Compatibility

  • The internal "subpriority" attribute on tasks is no longer used.
  • The behavior of workboards has changed (see above).


  • The "smtp" and "sendmail" mailers now support a message-id option.
  • The "encoding" option has been removed from the "sendmail" mailer. (It hasn't had any effect for a couple months, it just didn't get fully cleaned up before.)
  • When selecting the text on the left or right side of a diff, the UI no longer shows an opacity effect.
  • Tasks that require MFA can now be dragged on workboards.
  • "Move to Column" now works if some tasks require MFA, although it will currently prompt you for each task individually.
  • Cards that can't be dragged or edited (usually, because you don't have edit permission on the card) are now indicated more clearly.
  • When bot accounts act on objects, they are no longer automatically subscribed. They can still subscribe themselves explicitly.
  • Mentioning a bot with @bot in a comment no longer adds them as a subscriber automatically. They can still be added using "Change Subscribers".

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