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2011-12 December
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  • Redesigned Differential revision list views.
  • Emit full URIs to identify Differential revisions instead of the old Dxxx style.
  • Remove "Updated" view from Differential.
  • Make 'arc diff' link Maniphest tasks with Differential revisions.
  • Improved handling of unit test field and custom fields.


  • Added differential.query.
  • Added diffusion.findsymbols.


  • Publish feed stories from Maniphest.


  • Tracks the commits touching the package.
  • Added basic audit functionalities against commits that touch a package.


  • Support full differential revision URL instead of the old Dxxx style.
  • Bump Arcanist client version to 3 .
  • Add an experimental --create flag to arc diff.


  • Removed unnecessary tab navigation in several applications including Directory, Phriction, Herald, Files, etc.
  • Improved project tool a lot. For example, feeds story are added to the project profile page.
  • Improved user profile page to show info such as feeds.
  • Removed the not-so-useful PHID List interface.
  • Bump Phabricator server version to 3.
  • Add a script for purging long-lived caches.
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