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2015-04 April
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Summary of changes from April 1, 2015 to April 25, 2015.


  • Going forward, the changelog is moving to weekly updates. This is primarily to synchronize it with weekly upgrades to the Phacility cluster. This will be the last monthly changelog.
  • A new Starmap document is available, describing some of our long-term goals.
  • A new Paid Prioritization document is available, describing how you can pay us to get features you're interested in built sooner.


  • Inline comments in Differential now port forward and backward across diff updates, so you can see older inlines when looking at a newer diff.
  • Mail commands (like !claim for tasks) have been rewritten to be more powerful. See "Email Commands" in the Help menu to learn about supported commands in each application.
  • Conpherence is undergoing significant ongoing changes to support rooms, see T7565 for details and discussion.
  • Typeaheads now have a "Browse" mode, accessible by clicking the button on the right side of the typeahead.
  • Many typeaheads now support selector functions, like viewer(), which offer more powerful ways to write queries.
  • Global search now has a "scope selector" which allows you to choose which types of documents to search.


  • There are no major compatibility changes or migration issues this month.


  • We received about 5 reports via HackerOne in this period, but none represented actionable security vulnerabilities.


  • Fixed an issue where repository daemons could try to release a lock they were not holding.
  • When you send files via email, we now embed them if they're images.
  • When you email a file, we now give it more consistent permissions.
  • The "Send me an Email" action in Herald is now stronger than user notification preferences.
  • Paste now supports mail preferences.
  • You can now batch edit visible tasks in a workboard column, or all visible tasks on a workboard.
  • Phortune merchants can now create ad-hoc invoices for users.
  • Added a new cache status page (see ConfigCache Status) and new cache status checks. These help guide administrators through setting up and configuring OPCache, APC, and APCu to improve Phabricator performance.

Developer / Internal

  • Added support for %Lf to qsprintf().
  • Arcanist no longer requires as much memory to lint large repositories.
  • Made some performance improvements to various linters.
  • Handles have significant new infrastructure, see documentation.
  • Query ordering and paging have been heavily rewritten.
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