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2015 Week 18 (April - May)
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Summary of changes from April 25, 2015 to May 2, 2015.


  • Improved handling of closed branches in Mercurial.
  • Buttons look different.


  • No security changes in this period.

Upgrading / Compatibility

  • These changes add a new database (phabricator_multimeter).


Calendar is a prototype application which we are moving toward release. See T7924. This application is still missing major functionality.

  • Calendar events now use the Ennn monogram.
  • Calendar events now have invitees.
  • Calendar events can now have names, like "Business Meeting", "Business Lunch" or "Business Dinner".
  • Calendar events now publish feed stories, send email, support commenting, and integrate with most other modern infrastructure systems.


  • Worked around a Mercurial issue with parsing revsets in repositories with a large number (hundreds) of heads.
  • Improved import performance on Mercurial repositories with a large number (hundreds) of heads.
  • Improved handling of repositories with ambiguous refs (for example, repositories with a branch named master and a tag named master).
  • Improved error message when a user who does not have access to Diffusion tries to interact with repositories over SSH.
  • Repository updates now raise a better error message when failing to acquire a lock.


Multimeter is a new prototype application for collecting Phabricator performance samples. See T6930. This application is still very experimental.

  • Added Multimeter.
  • Added debug.sample-rate for controlling Multimeter sampling rates.

Minor Changes

  • Added a "link" standard custom field type.
  • Fixed some internal links to search results.
  • Fixed several links which did not show the correct disabled state when the viewer lacked permission to take the corresponding actions.
  • You can now edit the names of files in Files.
  • More Differential search controls now support typeahead functions.
  • Fixed an issue with the search scope selector when logged out.
  • Selecting global search document types is now more forgiving.
  • Adjusted header text colors and weights.
  • Quicksand now works with DarkConsole.
  • Fixed a Quicksand issue with history state persisting across reloads.
  • Fixed a bug with custom field orders in Maniphest.
  • Ghost comments now collapse by default in Differential.

Internal / Developer

  • The unused vqueryfx() methods have been removed.
  • Removed several unused AphrontControl classes.
  • Fixed an issue with argv populating in $_ENV.
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