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2011-10 October
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  • Differential can now send patches with emails.
  • You can now upload diffs rather than copy/pasting them
  • Allow configuration of anonymous access for Differential.
  • Allow administrators to abandon any revision.
  • Open revisions now show in Diffusion.
  • Added support for Diffusion/Differential symbol cross references.


  • Lisk now supports column-level selection and updates.
  • phd can now stop individual daemons.
  • Improved support for repositories with non-UTF8 character encodings.
  • Image macros now display author information.
  • Inbound email addresses can now be configured to accept email from any origin.
  • Improved typeahead matching of full names.


  • Added a link protocol whitelist.
  • Began consolidation of sha1() callsites to improve ability to audit use of hash functions.
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Dec 21 2011, 4:38 PM

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