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2013-06 June
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  • Authentication has been rewritten and is now configured through the "Auth" application, accessible from the web UI as an administrator.
  • Remarkup rules are now more flexible about block boundaries, and should generally behave in a manner more consistent with expectations.


  • Builtin queries can now be disabled.
  • Queries can now be reordered with drag-and-drop.
  • The first query is now the default query.
  • Moved Conduit to ApplicationSearch.


  • Added a setup check for file upload limit configuration.
  • Added a setup check which examines $PATH in detail.
  • Added bin/auth recover for recovering administrative accounts.
  • Improved UI for setup checks.
  • Improved UX for deleted or misspelled configuration.

Bug Fixes / Minor Changes

  • Added an "invisible" syntax highlighter mode, which shows whitespace characters like tabs and newlines.
  • Fixed a bug where PHP, being a beautiful language full of unique ideas, interprets request keys like "a.b" as "a_b".
  • PhutilArgumentParser now raises a better error message when the provided workflow does not exist.
  • Improved the performance of phutil_utf8_shorten().
  • Improved the performance of phutil_tag().
  • Improved arc error message when file uploads fail.
  • Fixed an issue with PHPUnitTestEngine and deleted files.
  • Fixed an issue where arc would try to instantiate abstract workflows.
  • Improved Pholio feed stories.
  • Added a configurable global limit for email size, for MTAs which reject large mail.
  • Fixed a bug when searching for user projects in Maniphest.
  • Fixed a bug with ApplicationTransactions and subscriptions.
  • Made all colors more colorful, or lest colorful, as dictated by good taste.
  • Fixed a bug with Disqus comments on Phame posts.
  • Improved "View Live" in Phame.


  • qsprintf() can now be used with external connections.
  • Added PhutilAsanaFuture, a future for Asana's API.
  • HTTPFuture now supports DELETE.
  • Added a phutil_exit() function for debugging, which terminates guards and stops them from writing to the error log.
  • Inline remarkup rules now have an explicit priority.
  • Arcanist linters now identify more uses of classes (catch, call_user_func(), newv, instanceof).
  • Added a --library-name flag to arc liberate.
  • Added LiskRawMigrationIterator.
  • Doorkeeper now provides infrastructure for import/export/sync with external systems.
  • Added bin/auth refresh for debugging OAuth tokens.
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