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2019 Week 10 (Early March)
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Summary of changes from February 23, 2019 to March 8, 2019.

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  • These changes were promoted to stable.


[] Build Plan Behaviors: Some builds run for a very long time, or are unreliable, or have substantial side effects.

Build plans now have configurable behaviors to improve how these builds are handled.

  • Hold Drafts: Allows you to mark a flaky, unimportant, or very long-running build so that Differential will ignore the result (or not even wait for the build to finish) when promoting revisions from "Draft" and sending them for review.
  • Warn On Land: Allows you mark a build so that "arc land" doesn't warn if it's still running or has failed. You'll need to update "arc" to get the new behavior.
  • Affects Buildable: By default, the overall status of a buildable is "pass" if all its builds have passed and "failed" if any of its builds have failed. You can make the buildable ignore (and/or not wait for) particular builds if they aren't important or you aren't concerned about failures.
  • Restartable: If a build has side effects like deployment or merging, you can now prevent it from being restarted.
  • Runnable: Provides alternatives to control who may manually run (and restart, pause, abort, and resume) a build.

Alongside the "Runnable" behavior, the policy rules have changed slightly. The old rules were:

  • Old Rule: To restart a build plan, you previously had to be able to view it.
  • Old Rule: To run a plan manually, or abort, pause, or resume it, you previously had to be able to edit it.

The new rules are:

  • If the plan is "Runnable: If Editable" (this is the default), you need to be able to edit it to take any run action (run manually, restart, pause, abort, or resume).
  • If the plan is "Runnable: If Viewable", you only need to be able to view it to take those actions.


  • No notes in this period.


20190226.harbor.01.planprops.sql34 ms
20190226.harbor.02.planvalue.sql1 ms
20190307.herald.01.comments.sql11 ms

"Duration" is the duration for this install, and may not be representative.

Upgrading / Compatibility

  • The policies around running builds have changed slightly, see above. The defaults are now more strict.


  • [] arc land now respects the "Warn When Landing" Build Plan behavior (see above).
  • [] Slightly improved performance of arc diff when updating a revision with a large total diff size.
  • [] Fixed an issue where arc patch could misbehave with submodules.


  • [] We now try harder to prevent execution of subprocesses in invalid working directories.
  • [] now supports an authorPHIDs constraint.
  • [] now returns details about transactions which changed project tags.
  • [] Added a harbormaster.buildplan.edit API method.
  • [] Build plans now show recent builds.
  • [] Build plans now show Herald rules which trigger them.
  • [] Closing a subtask of a locked task no longer raises a permissions error.
  • [] Some SSH errors in Harbormaster/Drydock are now surfaced more clearly.
  • [] bin/worker execute now has --retry and --repeat flags.
  • [] Fixed a fatal on some Duo MFA workflows.
  • [] The "official" generated code pattern in Go is now recognized by Phabricator.
  • [] A note is now posted to revision timelines when a revision lands with failed or ongoing builds that "arc land" would warn about.
  • [] Fixed a fatal when accessing a user cache in bin/conduit call --as <user>.
  • [] bin/policy unlock now accepts --view, --edit, and --owner flags and can unlock objects more surgically.
  • [] Improved a query key issue for high LFS request rates.

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