2013-05 May
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  • Paste, People, Files, Macro and Diviner are now using the new application search infrastructure. Other applications will adopt it soon.
  • Maniphest tasks can be edited from the task list.
  • Changes which affect lines with unicode characters are now highlighted more accurately, including combining characters.
  • Memes now support animated GIFs if Imagemagick is available.
  • Added arc backout, a wrapper around reverting commits.
  • Pastes, Commits, Ponder Questions, Phriction Documents and Phame Blogs now support tokens.
  • Modernized Diffusion and Audit UIs.
  • Slowvotes can now be embedded.
  • Revert language in commits is now recognized, although we don't do very much with it yet.
  • arc tasks now has an --unassigned flag.
  • Maniphest now has a quick "Subscribe" action.
  • Main search typeahead now returns projects.
  • Numerous changes and improvements to Conpherence.
  • We now store only hashes of session keys, not the keys themselves.
  • Diffing a change on a branch named, e.g., T234 now associates the review with that task.

Balance Changes

  • Phriction document tree limit is now 250, up from 50.


  • Remarkup now supports project mentions: #project. This doesn't tag objects with projects yet, but will soon.
  • Added support for Markdown-style [name](href) links.
  • Added support for Markdown style "===="-underlined headers.
  • Diffusion repository descriptions now support Remarkup.

Setup and Administration

  • Added a warning about missing fileinfo.
  • Added warnings about missing which, where, diff.
  • Added warnings about missing git, svn, hg.
  • New configuration, phabricator.allowed-uris, allows an install to be served from an alternate URI (for example, if you need to move an install).
  • New bin/cache for managing caches.
  • New bin/files purge for deleting files with missing data.
  • bin/files metadata is now bin/files rebuild.
  • environment.append-paths now defaults to a set of likely paths.


  • Received mail infrastructure is now significantly modular and dramatically less bad.
  • Diffusion query infrastructure can now be invoked over Conduit.
  • New ApplicationSearch infrastructure provides modular object list/query capabilities.
  • PhutilEditDistanceMatrix now has more options and capabilities (alter-operation costs, maximum comparison length).
  • Added combining character support.
  • Added PayPal API support.
  • Added fallback to JsShrink if jsxmin is not available.
  • Conduit calls can now be routed to another host.
  • Phortune now shows currency as "$x.xx USD".
  • Phortune now supports Paypal.
  • Phortune now supports WePay.

Bug Fixes / Minor Changes

  • Remarkup: Fixed a bug with odd numbers of linebreaks before blocks.
  • Remarkup: Fixed a bug with [x] in simple tables.
  • Remarkup: Fixed a bug with [[ #anchor ]] links.
  • Fixed a bug where sprite sheets computed hashes based on absolute paths.
  • Improved phutil_utf8_shorten() behavior with combining characters.
  • Fixed some missing spaces in error messages.
  • Improved XHPAST linters for Windows / PHP 5.3.
  • Fixed nonprinting unit test star on Windows.
  • Fixed an issue with arc patch on Windows for large patches.
  • Increased the size of some things on mobile.
  • Fixed an issue where Differential comments expanded incorrectly.
  • Fixed some issues with IE.
  • Fixed several issues with applications interacting with deleted files.
  • Fixed issues with unwritable access logs.
  • When a file is deleted, all transformations of the file are now deleted.
  • Fixed an issue with client performance for large changesets.
  • Fixed an issue with shift-tab in Tokenizers.
  • Diffusion now recognizes README.md as a README file.
  • Fixed a bug with page titles for pages not associated with applications.
  • Fixed issues in unit tests where configuration would cause tests to fail because applications were marked uninstalled.
  • Fixed a bug where some Macro views were garbled.
  • Fixed several issues where some object notifications were not dismissable by viewing the object.
  • Fixed an issue with some email client's reply text not being stripped.
  • Fixed an issue where Git commands would fail if the webserver's environment had HOME set to /root.
  • Fixed a bug where notifications would show "0" as an unread count.
  • Improved display of code blocks near the head of Phriction documents.
  • Fixed a bug with the token leaderboard prior to awarding tokens.
  • Fixed an issue where Pholio inline comments were not properly marked up.
  • Fixed various display issues in Feed.
  • Improved welcome behaviors for installs without password auth.
  • Fixed various display issues with ApplicationTransaction feed stories.
  • Fixed an issue where mentions of CC'd users would still generate a no-effect transaction in ApplicationTransactions.
  • Fixed an issue where subscribers in Phriction were rendered with newlines instead of commas.
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