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2011-05 May - 2011-07 July
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Summary of significant changes to Phabricator, Arcanist and libphutil between May, 2011 and July, 2011.


  • Users may now be made administrators.
  • Various semi-sensitive functions are now restricted to administrators. These display a red header.
  • Users may now be disabled.
  • There is a user and administrative activity log.
  • Added a user administration script.
  • Script now masks passwords as they are entered.
  • Users may be created from the web UI.
  • Schema upgrade script now accepts "-f" to force upgrade.
  • Added "phd debug".
  • Phabricator no longer requires flex/bison if you aren't a developer.
  • Added a garbage collector daemon.


  • Added "arc install-certificate" workflow.
  • Added "arc branch" workflow.
  • Added "arc call-conduit" workflow.
  • Added "arc liberate" workflow.
  • Improved binary support in "arc patch".
  • Improved UTF-8 support.
  • Removed obsolete code that examined 'USER' env variable.
  • Arcanist now validates host URI configuration.
  • Added PyFlakes and PEP8 linters.
  • "arc unit" now shows performance information.
  • Improved performance of some workflows.
  • Verify that ~/.arcrc has 600 file permissions.
  • XHPAST linter now detects duplicate keys in array literals.
  • XHPAST linter now detects aliased iterators in loops.
  • XHPAST linter now detects subexpressions which can be statically evaluated.
  • Arcanist now correctly handles textconv.
  • BUG: Fixed an issue with library resolution.


  • Added differential.getrevision method.
  • Added method.
  • Added method.
  • Added method.
  • Added diffusion.getrecentcommitsbypath method.
  • Added method.
  • Added differential.getalldiffs method.
  • Added more fields to many methods.


  • Detect openssl dependency.
  • Detect pcntl dependency.
  • Added RHEL install script.
  • Added Ubuntu install script.
  • Detect magic quotes.
  • Detect MyISAM minimum word length.
  • Detect bogus memory_limit setting.
  • BUG: Tables now explicitly use InnoDB engine.


  • New "Countdown" application allows you to show a countdown timer to some event.
  • Added fullscreen mode.
  • Countdown now supports localization correctly.


  • All service calls are now tracked in DarkConsole.
  • New query analyzer simplifies query analysis.
  • Visual and usability improvements to XHProf extension.
  • Improved error reporting for syntax errors and fatals.
  • Improved display of stack traces.


  • Revision creation now appears on the timeline.
  • Fixed a parsing issue with older versions of the git client.
  • "Ignore All" whitespace mode is now "Ignore Most" and works better. It can be disabled for languages with semantic whitespace (e.g., python).
  • Column width is now configurable per-language and defaults to 120 for Java.
  • Differential now supports UTF-8 properly.
  • Restored raw file view.
  • Restored syntax highlighting.
  • Restored email replies.
  • Restored "next" and "prev" links to inline comments.
  • Removed various nonfunctional inline comment links.
  • Differential now includes hints about 'arc' usage.
  • Differential now shows Arcanist project names, base revisions, and diff line counts on revision detail pages.
  • Improved performance of syntax highlighting.
  • You can now !unsubscribe by email.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for diff navigation.
  • Added a keyboard shortcut to fix the reply interface to the bottom of the page.
  • Added "Undo" for inline comments.
  • Added an "Add CCs" action.
  • Unposted comments are now displayed with a separate style.
  • Emails now explicitly list reviewers.
  • Changes with inline comments are now never hidden by default.
  • BUG: It is no longer possible to make invalid inline comments.
  • BUG: Metadata now renders correctly.
  • BUG: Fixed many bugs with rendering obscure diff formats.
  • BUG: Unsubscribe now properly blocks resubscription.


  • Page title now shows filename in browse views.
  • Authors are now linked in blame views.
  • Commits are now searchable.
  • Increased robustness when dealing with deleted repositories.
  • BUG: Line number links in git repositories now work properly.
  • BUG: View parameter now persists when clicking a line number.
  • BUG: Author names with spaces are now parsed correctly.


  • There is now a basic activity feed.
  • Added a public mode.


  • Now supports more than 100 files.
  • Image macros are now editable via web interface.
  • Added basic thumbnail transformations.
  • Files now support multiple storage engines.
  • Added a local disk storage engine.


  • Added "only once" action.


  • Built an IRC bot with Differential and Diffusion object support.
  • Added Paste object support.
  • Added Maniphest object support.
  • Bot now waits a few minutes before mentioning an object again.
  • BUG: Fixed issue with unusual IRC names.
  • BUG: Fixed issue where remote disconnect would cause a fail loop.


  • Documented Lamson support.
  • Improved GMail and threading support.
  • Amazon SES correctly includes human-readable data.
  • Phabricator now supports private reply-to addresses.
  • Phabricator now supports public reply-to addresses.
  • Explicitly list "To" and "CC" in multiplexed mail.
  • Email subject prefixes may now be configured.
  • Improved behavior for stripping quoted replies.
  • Added SendGrid support.
  • Improved handling of multipart mail with several inline text parts
  • BUG: Some handlers now have better UTF-8 support.


  • Added drafts.
  • You can now edit attached Differential revisions from Maniphest.
  • Description changes are viewable inline.
  • You can now drag-and-drop files to upload them.
  • You can now attach files by email.
  • You can now quickly add projects from the task creation interface.
  • Added a merge feature.
  • Massively improved scalability.
  • Added a "subscribed" view.
  • Added project filtering.
  • You can now search for tasks owned by "upforgrabs".
  • You can now create tasks by email.
  • BUG: Fixed some issues with CC handling.


  • New "Paste" application allows you to share snippets of text or code.
  • Improved language support.
  • Pastes now track ancestry when forked.


  • Added timezone localization.
  • Improved caching behavior of static resources.
  • Users may now have multiple concurrent web sessions.
  • Users may login with username or email address.
  • New logo and favicon.
  • Now supports keyboard shortcuts.
  • Users now appear in search results.
  • BUG: Users are now correctly redirected to the page they tried to access after login no matter which login method they use.
  • BUG: Empty email and realname are now correctly rejected.
  • BUG: Fixed an issue where CSRF token cycling was overly conservative and pages which had been open for more than an hour would sometimes fail in a confusing way when submitted.


  • New "Phriction" application allows you to create a wiki.
  • Phriction edits now support an optional description.


  • Added subproject support.
  • Improved project list to be more useful.


  • You can now link to specific comments in Maniphest and Differential.
  • Improved display of monospaced text.
  • You can now @mention other users, and they will be CC'd on revisions or tasks where they are mentioned.
  • "Pxxxx" now links to pastes.
  • Now supports embedding Youtube videos.
  • Now supports proxying images.
  • BUG: Now uses a stricter regexp to recognize revisions.


  • New "Slowvote" application allows you to deliberately democratize decisions.


  • Fixed an XSS hole in inline commenting.
  • Fixed an XSS hole in Youtube videos.


  • Provided database isolation.
  • All right
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