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2012-05 May
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  • Users can now have multiple email addresses.
  • Installs can now require email verification.
  • Installs can now restrict registration to certain domains ("").
  • Daemon management is now greatly simplified.
  • Simplified and improved the phutil library format.
  • Leveled a wizard to 60.


  • Added PHPUnit bindings.
  • Added PHP_CodeSniffer bindings.
  • Fixed some Windows issues with Mercurial, multiline messages, and file names.
  • Added user configuration via arc set-config and arc get-config.
  • Arc can now run without .arcconfig.
  • Added arc upgrade.
  • Added --delete-remote to arc land.
  • Improved arc which to explain what arc diff would do and why.
  • Improved "local commit" range in Mercurial and Git.
  • Added --reviewers and --cc flags to arc diff.
  • Added shell command support to arc alias, like git alias.
  • Added a --skip-binaries flag to arc diff.
  • Added generic lint bindings, ArcanistSingleLintEngine and ArcanistScriptAndRegexLinter.
  • Streamlined "excuse" feature.


(Calendar is a very-alpha feature which will become a core tool once we can land a few more iterations against it.)

  • Calendar now shows holidays.
  • Calendar now shows user availability.


  • Added user.query.
  • Added repository.create.
  • Added repository.query.
  • Added owners.query.
  • Added user.addstatus.
  • Added user.removestatus.
  • See Conduit Status for more details about API status.


  • Improved branch and tag support in Diffusion.
  • Fixed some issues with paths containing spaces.
  • Improved support for distinguishing between authors and committers in Git.


  • Improved transaction support in Lisk.
  • Improved 1+N query support in Lisk.
  • DarkConsole now shows Ajax requests.
  • MetaMTA can no longer send itself mail.
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