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2012-04 April
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  • Fixed some issues with copy/paste in various interfaces.
  • Fixed some issues with drag/drop file uploads.
  • Fixed Celerity issues with non-text static resources.
  • Fixed various mail threading issues, hopefully for good.
  • Added support for ElasticSearch.
  • Differential reviews are now "closed" instead of "committed".
  • Added an access log.
  • Improved storage patch management.
  • Image macros now only trigger if written alone on a line.
  • Improved Conduit console.


  • New "arc tasks" command.
  • New "arc close" command.
  • "arc diff" default commit is now configurable in Git.
  • "arc diff" now prompts for messages in Subversion and Mercurial.
  • "arc mark-committed" is now called "arc close-revision".
  • "arc land" now autocompletes branches.
  • Made code which strips "#" comments out of commit messages smarter.
  • Fixed an issue with 'file' in Windows.
  • Fixed some issues with unusual symlinks.
  • Fixed an issue with "log.decorate" in Git.
  • Fixed an issue with EDITORs that include flags.


  • There is now a simple config option to disable (or make optional) the "Test Plan" field without messing around with the field specifications.
  • Added a new "Commandeer" command, which allows you to take over a revision.
  • Differential now detects copied and moved blocks.
  • Made some improvements to Unit/Lint rendering.


  • Audits now support "Add CCs" and "Add Auditors".
  • Improved blame views and featureset.
  • Added support for Git tags.
  • Improved README support.


  • Unit tests now have access to storage fixtures.
  • Unit tests can now temporarily mutate PhabricatorEnv.
  • Added MySQLi support.


  • Projects are now shown in list views.
  • Tasks can now be dragged in priority list views to reorder them.
  • Custom queries can now be saved.
  • Tasks are now included in Differential email.


  • New application, a blogging engine.


  • Added head_key(), last_key().
  • Added support for HTTPS keepalives.
  • Added workflow support to PhutilArgumentParser.
  • Improved Windows support.
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