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2016 Week 45 (Early November)
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Summary of changes from October 28th, 2016 to November 4, 2016.

PhabricatorrPrPbd3233d41 commits
ArcanistrARCrARCfad85840 commits
libphutilrPHUrPHUe409df23 commits
Instances (SAAS)rSAASrSAAS78b586e1 commit
Services (SAAS)rSERVICESrSERVICESc2aefbc0 commits
Core (SAAS)rCORErCORE59c8aee0 commits
  • These changes were promoted to stable.


  • Calendar is nearing unprototyping, and open for feedback (see T11816 to provide feedback or report bugs).
  • See T11801 for feedback and bugs specific to parsing or exporting .ics files.
  • The "Help/Documentation" menu now uses the icon instead of the icon.


  • No notes in this period.


20161025.phortune.merchant.image.1.sql21 ms
20161029.phortune.invoice.1.sql50 ms
20161031.calendar.01.seriesparent.sql244 ms
20161031.calendar.02.notifylog.sql18 ms
20161101.calendar.01.noholiday.sql11 ms
20161101.calendar.02.removecolumns.sql1,569 ms
20161104.calendar.01.availability.sql66 ms
20161104.calendar.02.availdefault.sql21 ms

"Duration" is the duration for this install, and may not be representative.

Upgrading / Compatibility

  • No notes in this period.


  • Instantaneous events now import properly.
  • Clarified a muddy serialization of absolute date times.
  • Added logic to try to guess the meaning of ambiguous timezones in .ics files.
  • Calendar imports now have documentation.
  • Calendar, in general, now has some documentation.
  • Calendar now removes events during import if the remote events have been deleted.
  • All-day events are now flagged correctly during import.
  • Improved many Calendar transaction behaviors.
  • "Who" field in Gmail now shows something reasonable for events.
  • Moved event recurrence behaviors to a separate workflow.
  • Reorganized the "Create Event" form.
  • Editing events in a series now prompts you to ask what you're trying to do, and then tries to do it.
  • Calendar events now notify attendees before the event begins.
  • Destroyed ancient holiday support.
  • Added "Busy" / "Away" status gradations and clarified this interaction on profiles and hovercards.
  • Swapped "Calendar" and "Badges" panels on user profile pages.
  • ICS import warnings are now raised to the user.
  • Calendar now sends event descriptions only in the initial email, like other applications.
  • Creating a monthly event starting on the 29th, 30th or 31st of the month now schedules it relative to the end of the month.


  • Fixed an internationalization string in bin/garbage.
  • Added a fancier printable version of invoices to Phortune.
  • The OAuth server now supports use of the "Authorization" header.
  • Paste NUX view now links to the correct place.
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