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2013-08 August
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  • Added as an authentication provider.
  • Added bin/audit, for more flexible mass-administration of audits.
  • Added mitigations for BREACH attack.
  • Conpherence icon in menu now has a dropdown with recent threads.
  • Fixed an extremely serious issue where there was a string in "serious business" mode which wasn't completely serious.
  • Everything is prettier.


  • Paste now supports transactions.
  • Paste now supports line highlighting.
  • Feed now supports ApplicationSearch.
  • Herald now supports ApplicationSearch.
  • Herald partially supports transactions.
  • Macro now supports search by flags.
  • Pholio images can now be reordered by dragging.
  • Pholio now supports Herald.
  • Added setup check for disable_functions and disable_classes.


  • You can now provide a global CA bundle in .arcconfig.
  • Added support for CSSLint.
  • arc now runs git submodule commands frequently.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with passing arguments to daemons through phd.
  • Fixed an issue with PhabricatorBot and installs with no macros.
  • Fixed some issues with PHP input filtering.
  • Daemon console now uses data checks (instead of filesystem/process checks) to figure out which daemons are alive, which should fix various SELinux issues.
  • Fixed an issue with awkward behaviors for users with excessively long usernames.
  • Fixed an issue with "committer" in Herald rules.

Developer / Infrastructure

  • New PhutilErrorTrap allows PHP error messages to be captured.
  • New PhutilExecPassthru provides more passthru execution options.
  • New PhutilConsoleProgressBar draws progress bars.
  • New PhutilTypeSpec provides a simple type language.
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