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2011-09 September
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Summary of significant changes to Phabricator, Arcanist and libphutil in September 2011.

Diffusion / Repositories

  • Improved file viewing for some file types.
  • Fixed a parsing bug with multiple SVN repositories.
  • Improved partial import of SVN repositories.
  • Greatly improved repository credential management.
  • Added some support for indexing symbols (e.g., class and function names).
  • Added more Mercurial support.
  • Diffusion now shows pending revisions in browse views.
  • Fixed some bugs with files at repository roots.
  • Diffusion and Differential now track commits by hashes and tree hashes in Mercurial and Git.
  • Diffusion is more flexible and comprehensive about identifying commit authors.
  • Fixed a bug with initial commits in Git repositories.


  • Fixed some bugs with diffs-of-diffs not displaying images correctly.
  • Added the ability to add inline comments to images.
  • You can now configure "!accept" to work.


  • Added a "change password" panel.
  • Fixed a bug where EXPLAIN queries were flagged as writes.
  • Improved setup detection of unusual/broken environments.
  • Added Google as an OAuth provider.
  • Added an ondemand switch for tokenizers, to improve performance of large installs.
  • Several minor performance improvements.


  • Fixed a bug with Conduit creation of empty pages.


  • Added an 'arcanist.projectinfo' call
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