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2017 Week 31 (Early August)
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Summary of changes from July 28th, 2017 to August 5, 2017.

PhabricatorrPrP83f66ce55e16 commits
ArcanistrARCrARC5eda40331 commit
libphutilrPHUrPHU3b087891 commit
Instances (SAAS)rSAASrSAAS114eb7824 commits
Services (SAAS)rSERVICESrSERVICES08219d60 commits
Core (SAAS)rCORErCORE2e472df0 commits
  • These changes were promoted to stable.


  • No notes in this period.


  • No notes in this period.


  • No migrations in this period.

Upgrading / Compatibility

  • No notes in this period.


  • Adjusted some behavior for German keyboard layouts.
  • Added a warning about searching for terms with sequences of two or fewer word characters separated by apostrophes.
  • Destroying a repository now prints a reminder about destroying the working copy on disk.
  • When commit hooks fire in observed repositories it is now treated as a no-op rather than a fatal error.
  • "Version Information" now shows binaries and paths.
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