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Feb 20 2011, 8:41 PM (421 w, 1 d)

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amckinley accepted D20297: Select Ferret fulltext columns in results so fulltext queries work under UNION.
Mon, Mar 18, 11:14 PM
amckinley accepted D20296: Skip Ferret fulltext columns in "ORDER BY" if there's no fulltext query.
Mon, Mar 18, 11:13 PM
amckinley accepted D20293: Convert complex query subclasses to use internal cursors.

I got the gist of this, but the Maniphest stuff is pretty black magic. I'll trust in your test plan.

Mon, Mar 18, 10:28 PM
amckinley accepted D20292: Convert simple query subclasses to use internal cursors.
Mon, Mar 18, 10:01 PM
amckinley accepted D20295: Make the UI when you use an invalid cursor ("?after=19874189471232892") a little nicer.
Mon, Mar 18, 9:56 PM
amckinley accepted D20294: When queries overheat, raise an exception.
Mon, Mar 18, 9:56 PM
amckinley accepted D20291: Separate internal and external Query Cursors more cleanly, to fix pagination against broken objects.
Mon, Mar 18, 9:51 PM
amckinley accepted D20288: Hard code a "close task" action on every column Trigger.
Mon, Mar 18, 7:39 PM
amckinley accepted D20287: Allow triggers to be attached to and removed from workboard columns.
Mon, Mar 18, 7:14 PM
amckinley accepted D20286: Modularize workboard column transactions.
Mon, Mar 18, 6:57 PM
amckinley accepted D20283: When performing complex edits, pause sub-editors before they publish to propagate "Must Encrypt" and other state.
Mon, Mar 18, 6:48 PM

Fri, Mar 15

amckinley accepted D20285: Allow "SMTP" and "Sendmail" mailers to have "Message-ID" behavior configured in "cluster.mailers".
Fri, Mar 15, 11:23 PM
amckinley accepted D20279: Provide basic scaffolding for workboard column triggers.
Fri, Mar 15, 10:56 PM
amckinley accepted D20290: Fix a typo in Drydock "Land" operations.
Fri, Mar 15, 9:51 PM

Wed, Mar 13

amckinley accepted D20282: Allow "Move Tasks to Column..." to prompt for MFA.
Wed, Mar 13, 8:21 PM
amckinley accepted D20284: Don't subscribe bots implicitly when they act on objects, or when they are mentioned.
Wed, Mar 13, 8:21 PM

Tue, Mar 12

amckinley accepted D20278: Improve workboard "Owner" grouping, add "Author" grouping and "Title" sort.
Tue, Mar 12, 9:29 PM
amckinley accepted D20277: Add "Group by Status" to Workboards.
Tue, Mar 12, 8:49 PM
amckinley accepted D20276: Implement "Sort by Points" on workboards.
Tue, Mar 12, 8:33 PM
amckinley added a comment to D20276: Implement "Sort by Points" on workboards.

This is a static sorting (like "By Date Created") where you can't change point values by dragging.

Tue, Mar 12, 8:32 PM
amckinley accepted D20275: Add an "Sort by Creation Date" filter to workboards and modularize remaining order behaviors.
Tue, Mar 12, 8:13 PM
amckinley accepted D20281: Make workboard sort-order inversions more clear by using "-1 * ..." instead of "(int)-(int)".
Tue, Mar 12, 8:10 PM
amckinley accepted D20274: Provide better UI feedback about cards that can't be dragged or edited.
Tue, Mar 12, 8:07 PM
amckinley accepted D20273: Allow MFA task edits to go through on workboards.
Tue, Mar 12, 8:05 PM
amckinley accepted D20272: Improve rendering of empty workboard columns in header views.
Tue, Mar 12, 8:03 PM
amckinley accepted D20271: When creating or editing a card on a sorted/grouped workboard, adjust headers appropriately.
Tue, Mar 12, 8:02 PM
amckinley accepted D20270: Implement "Group by Owner" on Workboards.
Tue, Mar 12, 7:53 PM
amckinley accepted D20269: Modularize workboard column orders.
Tue, Mar 12, 7:47 PM
amckinley accepted D20268: Add "assert_same_keys()" to "libphutil/".
Tue, Mar 12, 7:21 PM
amckinley accepted D20267: Add a "WorkboardCardTemplate" class to make workboard client code easier to reason about.
Tue, Mar 12, 7:05 PM
amckinley updated the summary of D20267: Add a "WorkboardCardTemplate" class to make workboard client code easier to reason about.
Tue, Mar 12, 6:58 PM
amckinley accepted D20280: Fix "abou" typo of "about" in SearchEngine API methods.
Tue, Mar 12, 6:55 PM
amckinley accepted D20266: Remove all readers/writers for task "subpriority".
Tue, Mar 12, 6:54 PM
amckinley accepted D20265: On Workboards, sort groups by "natural order", not subpriority.
Tue, Mar 12, 6:48 PM
amckinley accepted D20264: Remove opacity effects for left-side / right-side diff text selection.

I think I lean toward "yeah, let's get rid of this" after sleeping on it.

Tue, Mar 12, 6:38 PM
amckinley accepted D20263: Remove the ability to drag tasks up and down on (non-Workboard) priority list views.
Tue, Mar 12, 6:37 PM

Sat, Mar 9

amckinley accepted D20248: Make drag-and-drop on workboards interact with priority column headers.
Sat, Mar 9, 7:32 AM

Fri, Mar 8

amckinley accepted D20247: Add priority group headers to workboard columns (display only).
Fri, Mar 8, 11:26 PM

Thu, Mar 7

amckinley accepted D20260: Index "Call Webhook" in Herald, and show calling rules on the Webhook page.
Thu, Mar 7, 10:12 PM
amckinley accepted D20252: Add an "Restartable: If Failed" behavior to Harbormaster build plans.
Thu, Mar 7, 10:10 PM
amckinley accepted D20261: Improve utilization of "AuthTemporaryToken" table keys in LFS authentication queries.
Thu, Mar 7, 9:52 PM
amckinley accepted D20259: On Harbormaster build plans, show which Herald rules trigger builds.
Thu, Mar 7, 9:47 PM
amckinley accepted D20253: Fix a case where "arc patch" could skip submodule changes.
Thu, Mar 7, 8:21 PM
amckinley accepted D20254: Make minor correctness changes to some "arc patch" command execution.
Thu, Mar 7, 8:19 PM
amckinley accepted D20257: Allow objects to specify custom policy unlocking behavior, and tasks to have owners unlocked.
Thu, Mar 7, 8:16 PM
amckinley added a comment to D20256: Update "bin/policy unlock" to be more surgical, flexible, modular, and modern.

Oh, I didn't see D20257. Carry on.

Thu, Mar 7, 8:15 PM
amckinley accepted D20256: Update "bin/policy unlock" to be more surgical, flexible, modular, and modern.
Thu, Mar 7, 8:14 PM
amckinley accepted D20251: Tweak the visual style of the ">>" / "<<" depth change indicators slightly.
Thu, Mar 7, 6:53 PM
amckinley accepted D20245: When a user drags a card over a column, highlight the column border.
This is very tricky to take a screenshot of.
Thu, Mar 7, 6:43 PM
amckinley accepted D20258: Modularize HeraldRule transactions.
Thu, Mar 7, 6:40 PM
amckinley accepted D20249: Render query strings into concrete scalar "string" values immediately, not lazily.
Thu, Mar 7, 6:37 PM
amckinley accepted D20242: When dragging nodes between different columns on an ordered board, don't reorder them by making secondary edits.
Thu, Mar 7, 6:35 PM
amckinley accepted D20255: Fix an exception with user cache generation in "bin/conduit call --as <user>".
Thu, Mar 7, 6:34 PM

Tue, Mar 5

amckinley accepted D20236: Implement "Warn When Landing" behavior for Build Plans in Arcanist.
Tue, Mar 5, 8:04 PM
amckinley accepted D20235: Refine the "Mangled Webserver Response" setup check.
Tue, Mar 5, 7:57 PM
amckinley accepted D20233: Implement Build Plan behavior "Affects Buildable".
Tue, Mar 5, 7:52 PM
amckinley accepted D20232: Implement Build Plan "Hold Drafts" behavior.
Tue, Mar 5, 7:49 PM
amckinley accepted D20230: Make the new Build Plan behavior "Restartable" work.

Does anyone want an option for "only allow builds that have failed to be restarted"? For cases where builds are idempotent except for a final irrevocable step like "find servers running any version of the code != this version and kill them"?

Tue, Mar 5, 7:47 PM
amckinley accepted D20229: Make the new Build Plan "Runnable" behavior work.
Tue, Mar 5, 7:38 PM
amckinley accepted D20224: Remove "Effective User" attachment from Repository Identities.
Tue, Mar 5, 7:30 PM
amckinley accepted D20220: Add behaviors to Build Plans: hold drafts, affect buildables, warn on landing, restartable, runnable.

Just a bunch of language nitpicks.

Tue, Mar 5, 7:29 PM
amckinley accepted D20239: Add a warning to revision timelines when changes land with ongoing or failed builds.
Tue, Mar 5, 6:41 PM
amckinley accepted D20234: Correct a possible fatal in the non-CSRF Duo MFA workflow.
Tue, Mar 5, 6:37 PM
amckinley accepted D20246: Give "bin/worker" flags to repeat and retry tasks.
Tue, Mar 5, 6:36 PM
amckinley accepted D20243: No-op old search indexing migrations which no longer run and have been obsoleted by upgrade "activities".
Tue, Mar 5, 6:27 PM
amckinley accepted D20238: Make it more visually clear that you can click things in the "Big List of Clickable Things" UI element.
Tue, Mar 5, 6:18 PM
amckinley accepted D20237: Recognize the official "Go" magic regexp for generated code as generated.
Tue, Mar 5, 6:16 PM
amckinley accepted D20244: Clean up a few "%Q" stragglers in SVN repository browsing code.
Tue, Mar 5, 5:10 PM

Sun, Mar 3

amckinley accepted D20240: Use "LogLevel=ERROR" to try to improve "ssh" hostkey behavior without doing anything extreme/hacky.
Sun, Mar 3, 11:34 PM

Fri, Mar 1

amckinley accepted D20223: Don't require any special capabilities to apply a "closed a subtask" transaction to a parent task.
Fri, Mar 1, 12:20 AM
amckinley accepted D20226: Stop "Mute Notifications" on Bulk Jobs from fataling.
Fri, Mar 1, 12:19 AM
amckinley accepted D20225: Fix a log warning when searching for ranges on custom "Date" fields.
Fri, Mar 1, 12:19 AM
amckinley accepted D20222: Clean up a PhutilURI "alter()" callsite in Diffusion blame.
Fri, Mar 1, 12:17 AM
amckinley accepted D20228: Expose Build Plan behaviors via "".
Fri, Mar 1, 12:17 AM
amckinley accepted D20227: Use "QUERY_STRING", not "REQUEST_URI", to parse raw request parameters.
Fri, Mar 1, 12:16 AM
amckinley accepted D20231: When highlighting source, catch "python" for the PHP parser.
Fri, Mar 1, 12:12 AM

Wed, Feb 27

amckinley accepted D20221: Improve performance of "arc diff" updates for changes with large diff text.
Wed, Feb 27, 5:20 PM
amckinley updated the summary of D20221: Improve performance of "arc diff" updates for changes with large diff text.
Wed, Feb 27, 4:40 PM
amckinley accepted D20219: Add a "Recent Builds" element to the Build Plan UI and tighten up a few odds and ends.
Wed, Feb 27, 1:09 AM
amckinley accepted D20218: Provide "harbormaster.buildplan.edit" in the API.
Wed, Feb 27, 12:52 AM

Tue, Feb 26

amckinley accepted D20217: Move Harbormaster Build Plans to modular transactions.
Tue, Feb 26, 3:59 PM
amckinley accepted D20216: Remove unusual "Created" element from Build Plan curtain UI.
Tue, Feb 26, 3:54 PM
amckinley accepted D20215: Simplify one "array_keys/range" -> "phutil_is_natural_list()" in "phabricator/".
Tue, Feb 26, 3:54 PM
amckinley accepted D20214: Add more type checking to transactions queued by Herald.
Tue, Feb 26, 3:53 PM
amckinley accepted D20213: Add "phutil_describe_type()" and clean up a few obscure things in "libphutil/".
Tue, Feb 26, 3:34 PM

Mon, Feb 25

amckinley accepted D20212: Fix a stray "%Q" warning when hiding/showing inline comments.
Mon, Feb 25, 9:45 PM
amckinley accepted D20211: Expand documentation for "".
Mon, Feb 25, 6:23 PM
amckinley accepted D20209: Enrich the "change project tags" transaction in "".
Mon, Feb 25, 3:16 PM
amckinley accepted D20210: Make the Diffusion warning about "svnlook" and PATH more clear.
Mon, Feb 25, 3:08 PM
amckinley accepted D20208: Support an "authorPHIDs" constraint for "".
Mon, Feb 25, 1:27 PM
amckinley accepted D20207: Fix a URI construction exception when filtering the Maniphest Burnup chart by project.
Mon, Feb 25, 1:26 PM

Sat, Feb 23

amckinley accepted D20205: Refine checks against "cwd" before "proc_open()".

Also this:

Sat, Feb 23, 2:39 AM
amckinley accepted D20206: Fix Facebook login on mobile violating CSP after form redirect.
Sat, Feb 23, 2:15 AM
amckinley added inline comments to D20206: Fix Facebook login on mobile violating CSP after form redirect.
Sat, Feb 23, 2:11 AM
amckinley accepted D20204: Fix URI construction of typeahead browse "more" pager.
Sat, Feb 23, 2:08 AM

Fri, Feb 22

amckinley accepted D20203: Fix a typo.

Thanks! I've added you to Community and Blessed Committers, so you should be able to land this yourself. See the project description for Blessed Committers if you run into trouble, or let me know if that isn't helpful.

Fri, Feb 22, 5:56 PM
amckinley added a member for Blessed Committers: arielyang.
Fri, Feb 22, 5:56 PM
amckinley added a member for Community: arielyang.
Fri, Feb 22, 5:56 PM

Wed, Feb 20

amckinley accepted D20202: Add "random_int" and "random_bytes" as builtins so the linter stops complaining about them.
Wed, Feb 20, 11:00 PM
amckinley closed T5401: Record total time in queue for tasks as Resolved.
Wed, Feb 20, 10:56 PM · Daemons