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Feb 20 2011, 8:41 PM (365 w, 5 d)

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Fri, Feb 9

amckinley accepted D19011: Provide a streaming HTTP response parser.
Fri, Feb 9, 3:59 PM

Wed, Feb 7

amckinley accepted D19010: Fix another Git 2.16.0 CLI compatibility issue.
Wed, Feb 7, 10:44 PM
amckinley accepted D19009: Add a Postmark mail adapter so it can be configured as an outbound mailer.
Wed, Feb 7, 10:43 PM
amckinley accepted D19008: Add a Postmark API client.
Wed, Feb 7, 10:41 PM
amckinley accepted D19007: Add unit tests for mail failover behaviors when multiple mailers are configured.
Wed, Feb 7, 10:40 PM
amckinley added a comment to D19023: Improve handling of skin tone variant emoji.

And for the record, I did not even pretend to exhaustively cross-check the unicode strings in maniphest.json.

Wed, Feb 7, 10:39 PM
amckinley accepted D19006: Add some test coverage for mailers configuration.
Wed, Feb 7, 9:31 PM
amckinley accepted D19005: Use "cluster.mailers" if it is configured.
Wed, Feb 7, 8:43 PM
amckinley accepted D19023: Improve handling of skin tone variant emoji.

Looks good except for minor nitpicks.

Wed, Feb 7, 8:04 PM
amckinley accepted D19004: Add a `bin/config set <key> --stdin < value.json` flag to make CLI configuration of complex values easier.

Looks good other than locked/hidden question. Thanks for building this!!

Wed, Feb 7, 7:48 PM
amckinley requested changes to D19003: Introduce and document a new `cluster.mailers` option for configuring multiple mailers.

Mostly minor nitpicks, but the last one is a real bug.

Wed, Feb 7, 7:41 PM
amckinley accepted D19002: Prepare for multiple mailers of the same type.
Wed, Feb 7, 7:32 PM
amckinley requested changes to D19002: Prepare for multiple mailers of the same type.
Wed, Feb 7, 7:16 PM

Tue, Feb 6

amckinley accepted D19001: Improve PHP7 handling of include-time parser-like fatals like "class must implement all abstract methods".
Tue, Feb 6, 7:28 PM
amckinley accepted D19000: Mask the sender for "Must Encrypt" mail.
Tue, Feb 6, 7:27 PM
amckinley accepted D18999: Try running Herald when performing inverse edge edits.
Tue, Feb 6, 7:21 PM
amckinley accepted D18998: Prepare mail transmission to support failover across multiple mailers.
Tue, Feb 6, 6:57 PM

Mon, Feb 5

amckinley accepted D18997: Add Differential and Herald mail stamps and some refinements.
Mon, Feb 5, 11:58 PM
amckinley added inline comments to D18995: Add Editor-based mail stamps: actor, via, silent, encrypted, new, mention, self-actor, self-mention.
Mon, Feb 5, 11:29 PM
amckinley accepted D18996: Add more mail stamps: tasks, subscribers, projects, spaces.
Mon, Feb 5, 11:27 PM
amckinley accepted D18995: Add Editor-based mail stamps: actor, via, silent, encrypted, new, mention, self-actor, self-mention.
Mon, Feb 5, 10:58 PM
amckinley accepted D18991: Add basic support for mail "stamps" to improve client mail routing.

Looks good to me.

Mon, Feb 5, 10:00 PM
amckinley accepted D18994: Remove inconsistent and confusing use of the term "multiplex" in mail.
Mon, Feb 5, 9:29 PM
amckinley accepted D18992: Fix a Herald repetition policy selection error for rule types which support only one policy.
Mon, Feb 5, 9:22 PM
amckinley accepted D18990: Add some sytem locale utilities to libphutil.
Mon, Feb 5, 8:27 PM
amckinley accepted D18989: Clarify what "--everything" means in "arc lint" and "arc unit".
Mon, Feb 5, 8:24 PM
amckinley accepted D18988: Always setlocale() to en_US.UTF-8 for the main process.
Mon, Feb 5, 8:11 PM
amckinley accepted D18987: Add a `bin/conduit call` support binary.
Mon, Feb 5, 7:59 PM
amckinley accepted D18993: Add aliases for "party" emoji (๐ŸŽ‰).
Mon, Feb 5, 6:55 PM

Fri, Feb 2

amckinley accepted D18984: Add a Herald action to trigger "Must Encrypt" for mail.
Fri, Feb 2, 10:11 PM
amckinley accepted D18986: Save mail attachments in Files, not on the actual objects.
Fri, Feb 2, 1:41 AM
amckinley accepted D18985: Support DestructionEngine in MetaMTAMail.
Fri, Feb 2, 1:35 AM
amckinley requested changes to D18984: Add a Herald action to trigger "Must Encrypt" for mail.
Fri, Feb 2, 1:26 AM
amckinley accepted D18983: Add basic support for a "Must Encrypt" mail flag which prevents unsecured content transmission.
Fri, Feb 2, 1:14 AM
amckinley accepted D18978: Allow revisions to revert commits and one another, and commits to revert revisions.
Fri, Feb 2, 1:09 AM

Wed, Jan 31

amckinley accepted D18982: Add withNameGlob() to FileFinder.
Wed, Jan 31, 10:53 PM
amckinley accepted D18981: Escape glob characters for FileFinder's withSuffix() and withName().
Wed, Jan 31, 10:02 PM
amckinley accepted D18980: Rewrite FileFinder tests to actually show why they break.
Wed, Jan 31, 9:19 PM
amckinley accepted D18979: Make FileFinder's withName() + withSuffix() work like every other Query class.
Wed, Jan 31, 9:17 PM
amckinley accepted D18977: Fix a missing getSSHUser() callsite.
Wed, Jan 31, 8:32 PM
amckinley accepted D18976: Accept `null` via `conduit.edit` to unassign a task.
Wed, Jan 31, 8:32 PM
amckinley accepted D18974: Mangle cells that look a little bit like formulas in CSV files.


Wed, Jan 31, 8:31 PM
amckinley accepted D18975: Fix transcription of single-value bulk edit fields ("Assign to").
Wed, Jan 31, 6:42 PM

Tue, Jan 30

amckinley accepted D18973: Make push log "flags", "reject code" human readable; add crumbs to pull/push logs.
Tue, Jan 30, 10:17 PM
amckinley accepted D18972: Make the remote address rules for Settings > Activity Logs more consistent.
Tue, Jan 30, 9:15 PM
amckinley accepted D18971: Change the "can see remote address?" policy to "is administrator?" everywhere.
Tue, Jan 30, 8:30 PM
amckinley accepted D18970: Add date range filtering for activity, push, and pull logs.
Tue, Jan 30, 8:08 PM
amckinley accepted D18969: Fix an export bug where queries specified in the URI ("?param=value") were ignored when filtering the result set.
Tue, Jan 30, 6:59 PM
amckinley accepted D18968: Support data export on push logs.
Tue, Jan 30, 6:58 PM
amckinley accepted D18967: Support export of user activity logs.
Tue, Jan 30, 6:56 PM
amckinley accepted D18966: Upgrade user account activity logs to modern construction.
Tue, Jan 30, 6:41 PM
amckinley accepted D18965: Add a `bin/bulk export` CLI tool to make debugging and profiling large exports easier.
Tue, Jan 30, 6:31 PM

Mon, Jan 29

amckinley added a comment to D18962: When exporting more than 1,000 records, export in the background.

Cool, that all makes sense ๐Ÿ‘

Mon, Jan 29, 11:11 PM
amckinley accepted D18963: Remove the caret dropdown from transaction lists when no actions are available.
Mon, Jan 29, 11:10 PM
amckinley accepted D18961: Remove the old, non-modular Excel export workflow from Maniphest.
Mon, Jan 29, 10:33 PM
amckinley accepted D18960: Implement common infrastructure fields as export extensions.
Mon, Jan 29, 10:32 PM
amckinley accepted D18962: When exporting more than 1,000 records, export in the background.

To step back a minute, how do we feel about long-running requests taking up space on the web tier? It would be nice to live in a world where the max request time is bound tightly to a few seconds, and everything else runs in an "async" tier. Related to that, should we add rate limits to the export functionality? Seems like a good DoS vector as-is.

Mon, Jan 29, 10:16 PM
amckinley accepted D18963: Remove the caret dropdown from transaction lists when no actions are available.
Mon, Jan 29, 9:38 PM
amckinley accepted D18964: Fix a possible `count(null)` in PHUIInfoView.
Mon, Jan 29, 9:37 PM
amckinley accepted D18959: Support new data export infrastructure in Maniphest.

Otherwise looks good.

Mon, Jan 29, 9:37 PM
amckinley accepted D18958: When PHPExcel is not installed, detect it and provide install instructions.
Mon, Jan 29, 9:34 PM
amckinley accepted D18957: Make the data export format selector remember your last setting.

Cool that this is so easy!

Mon, Jan 29, 9:32 PM
amckinley accepted D18956: Organize the export code into subdirectories.
Mon, Jan 29, 9:31 PM
amckinley accepted D18955: Support Excel as a data export format.
Mon, Jan 29, 9:30 PM
amckinley accepted D18954: Support export engine extensions and implement an extension for custom fields.
Mon, Jan 29, 9:16 PM
amckinley accepted D18953: Support export of data in files larger than 8MB.
Mon, Jan 29, 9:04 PM
amckinley accepted D18952: Give data exporters a header row.
Mon, Jan 29, 8:53 PM
amckinley accepted D18951: Define common ID and PHID export fields in SearchEngine.
Mon, Jan 29, 7:34 PM
amckinley accepted D18950: Use the configured viewer more consistently in the Herald commit adapter.
Mon, Jan 29, 7:33 PM
amckinley accepted D18949: Add a bit of test coverage for bulky vs compact edge data representations.
Mon, Jan 29, 7:28 PM
amckinley accepted D18948: Add `bin/garbage compact-edges` to compact edges into the new format.
Mon, Jan 29, 7:27 PM
amckinley accepted D18947: Write edge transactions in a more compact way.
Mon, Jan 29, 7:24 PM
amckinley accepted D18946: Wrap edge transaction readers in a translation layer.
Mon, Jan 29, 7:22 PM

Fri, Jan 26

amckinley accepted D18945: Move the fix for Git 2.16.0 from the "Mercurial" part of the code to the "Git" part of the code.


Fri, Jan 26, 9:45 PM
amckinley accepted D18944: Pass "." to `git grep` to satisfy "all paths" for Git 2.16.0.
Fri, Jan 26, 9:37 PM
amckinley accepted D18943: Add "you can only enter one value" UI limits to Herald "set status" and "set priority" actions.
Fri, Jan 26, 9:10 PM
amckinley accepted D18942: Add a discovery format hint for date fields in SearchEngine UIs.
Fri, Jan 26, 9:09 PM
amckinley accepted D18941: Always use the same set of transactions to generate mail and mail tags.
Fri, Jan 26, 9:08 PM
amckinley accepted D18940: Fix an issue with symbol lookup identifying path names in Diffusion.
Fri, Jan 26, 8:37 PM
amckinley accepted D18939: Provide character position information to symbol queries.
Fri, Jan 26, 8:36 PM
amckinley accepted D18938: Add a "Revision status" field to Herald for Differential revisions.
Fri, Jan 26, 8:34 PM
amckinley accepted D18937: When available, pass path, line and repository hints to external symbol queries.
Fri, Jan 26, 7:29 PM
amckinley accepted D18936: When users click a symbol in Differential to jump to the definition, include path/line context.
Fri, Jan 26, 7:21 PM
amckinley accepted D18935: Support basic export of user accounts.
Fri, Jan 26, 7:09 PM
amckinley accepted D18934: Support CSV, JSON, and tab-separated text as export formats.
Fri, Jan 26, 6:52 PM
amckinley accepted D18933: Pass a real viewer to HeraldAdapter when doing test console runs.
Fri, Jan 26, 6:46 PM
amckinley accepted D18932: Mark the "Reviewer" field for Commits as deprecated.
Fri, Jan 26, 6:44 PM
amckinley accepted D18931: Document the new "only if this didn't match last time" Herald action setting.
Fri, Jan 26, 6:32 PM

Thu, Jan 25

amckinley accepted D18930: Implement an "only if the rule did not match last time" policy for Herald rules.
Thu, Jan 25, 9:02 PM
amckinley accepted D18929: Add test coverage for SSH key revocation.
Thu, Jan 25, 7:50 PM
amckinley accepted D18928: Make SSH key revocation actually prevent adding the same key back.
Thu, Jan 25, 7:47 PM
amckinley accepted D18927: Convert storage for Herald repetition policy to "text32".
Thu, Jan 25, 7:12 PM
amckinley accepted D18926: Remove "HeraldRepetitionPolicyConfig" and hide storage details inside HeraldRule.
Thu, Jan 25, 7:09 PM
amckinley accepted D18925: Define available Herald rule repetition options in terms of "isSingleEventAdapter()".
Thu, Jan 25, 6:37 PM
amckinley accepted D18924: Remove a very old Herald garbage collection migration.
Thu, Jan 25, 6:34 PM
amckinley accepted D18923: Set an explicit default value for the bulk action control.

FYI, there's a user in Z1336 who mentioned seeing something similar.

Thu, Jan 25, 6:33 PM

Jan 24 2018

amckinley accepted D18921: Fix a race between Harbormaster and reviewers (often bots) to publish drafts for review.
Jan 24 2018, 6:59 PM

Jan 23 2018

amckinley accepted D18911: Document the "bin/auth revoke" tool.
Jan 23 2018, 9:17 PM
amckinley added a comment to D18910: Add "bin/auth revoke --list" to explain what can be revoked.


Jan 23 2018, 9:16 PM
amckinley accepted D18919: Add a basic, general-purpose export workflow for all objects with SearchEngine support.
Jan 23 2018, 9:14 PM