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Provide `auth lock` and `auth unlock` to restrict authentication provider management to the CLI
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See some discussion in T6755. Providing auth lock and auth unlock commands would moderately increase the security of installs in the face of a compromised administrative account. There is normally very little need to edit authentication configuration after initial setup, and it necessarily has a wide array of access implications.

With respect to T6755, specifically, it is potentially an SSRF vector. It's somewhat hard to imagine this being a meaningful component of a practical attack, but not wholly absurd.

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After T13222, this is more relevant:

  • Administrator accounts may disable all MFA from the web UI.
  • Auth guidance is a more compelling target for content injection than most injectable channels (e.g., the login screen can be made to say "go to and type in ur password qt ;)", which seems authoritative-ish).

This could be made slightly cleaner with a setSummary() to set a shorter summary:

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