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Users with Phabricator commit access.

To commit:

  • Make sure that your repository origin points to this server ( via SSH, not to GitHub. This server hosts the authoritative master repository, GitHub is just a mirror.
    • Good: ssh://
    • Won't Work:
  • Add your public SSH key in SettingsSSH Public Keys.
  • Now you should be able to push with arc land.

If you want to use "Land Revision" from the web UI, that should work too, provided arc diff said something like this when you ran it originally:

STAGING PUSHED Pushed a copy of the changes to tag "phabricator/diff/35843" in the staging area.

If it didn't say that, the most common fixes are:

  • Update arc.
  • Fix your origin, then run arc diff again. (If your origin is correct, arc which should report the correct repository.)

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