Allow Workboard Cards to be customized for display
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chad, Apr 22 2014


We've gotten several requests to alter the default view of cards. We should generally ship with a compact view, but allow installs to change the default on cards and add additional information.

  • Dates
  • Task IDs
  • Longer Titles
  • Other Custom Fields
  • Additional Projects

Mockup: {M72}

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I'm happy to send a diff over, but my design skills are quite lacking. How think that the project tagd should be displayed? For example, suppose that a task is tagged with project X, Y and Z and is being viewed as a worknoard card for the board of project X. I'd say that we should show either Y or Z (as X is implied), but I'm not sure which should be preferred.

If possible: display both. if not possible - many ways:

  • Projects: X, [..] <-hover/click to show
  • [Show projects] <-hover/clikc?
  • others ;-)
chad added a comment.Dec 31 2015, 4:16 PM

It shouldn't require any design, they should just work like they do in Maniphest normally, but without the board's main project. ie, if you're in Differential, and you had Differential and Mobile tagged, just show the mobile tag.

chad added a comment.Dec 31 2015, 4:18 PM

But maybe my memory is poor and Workboard cards are more custom than I remember.

chad added a comment.Jan 9 2016, 7:28 PM

My current thinking is just to expand the metadata on the cards for everyone, and not build anything "customizable" until we get a better sense of what the expanded metadata isn't conveying. Most of the viewpoints here seem to strictly be able wanting additional projects. I've take a design pass at adding the following information to cards:

  • Blocking Status
  • Has Subtasks
  • Has Diff Attached
  • Has additional Projects
  • Has Pholio Mock

We do give up some space here but with iconification of metadata I think we can cover a lot of ground without much additional complexity:

FWIW, here's what WMF's customized cards (by the Sprint extension, I think?) currently look like:

I'm not sure how ideal that state is, but it seems like assignee and points might be important to them (while projects, blocking, subtasks, diff, mocks, etc., don't seem to be).

chad added a comment.Jan 9 2016, 7:47 PM

Oh, yeah we should add points in there too. Whether a task is blocked or has children has come up in other tasks floating around, though for all tasks, not just workboard cards.

chad added a comment.Jan 9 2016, 7:53 PM

@epriestley do you think we need to allow customization? My main thought is if we can keep it simple and clean, users won't likely ask for less options. Though it's easy to checkbox which items you'd want to display.

I'd like to put off building customization for as long as possible. I think we'll want it eventually to give custom fields broader support, but we can call all of that part of T418.

Outside of custom fields, I think:

  • Projects: We should just add these, D14935 is close. I think this will create some problems with tasks with 20 projects, tasks in sprints/subprojects, etc., but we'll generally have to deal with all of that soon anyway.
  • Blocking/Subtasks: These are very inefficient to query right now. I can fix that, but it's a fair amount of work and I'm not really sure where we're going with T10034. I'm mostly just not sure if those icons are the best value for ~a day of work each right now, especially if we undo that later by changing how subtasks work. These can also get "stale", while no other data currently shown on the cards can: if you edit task "B", that may affect whether task "A" is blocked or not. All other information is only changed if task "A" is edited (except, maybe user names or project names/icons, I guess). I don't know if users will run into this, but they may find it confusing if they do, and I don't see an easy way to fix it.
  • Diff/Mock: These are fairly straightforward, alhtough I'm not totally convinced that they're valuable. At least in my personal workflow, I don't imagine I'd be likely to ever use them, and I don't recall other requests for them offhand. I'm hesitant about building new hard-coded first-party application stuff, too, since we've made so much progress on getting rid of it. I could build this in a generic way, of course, but that makes it less straightforward.
  • Points: Straightforward once the "designate a field as points" stuff is sorted out, although that's not entirely straightforward.
chad added a comment.Jan 9 2016, 8:21 PM

Blocking is T5353
Mock is roughly T9520
Diff ... can't locate the task offhand.

Mostly I think these things are valuable at the Sprint/Milestone level, where you have daily/weekly meetings on the status of a Sprint (and where each task is, specifically). I'd agree they're less valuable at the macro level.


Points look great.

This stuff definitely all looks sweet -- I think we could do "drag an image onto a card to set it as a cover image" fairly cheaply and let it fall back to the first mock image if there's no cover set to give that some wider utility. I like that better than just picking random files out of comments.

chad added a comment.Jan 9 2016, 8:30 PM

Some of the Pholio stuff is motivated by thinking about v2 sometime down the road. Like having a "workboard" view of my designs and their status could be handy (shipped, needs more work, planned).

chad added a comment.Jan 10 2016, 3:09 AM

Pass with points and faces.

epriestley moved this task from Projects v3 to Future on the Projects board.Jan 23 2016, 8:34 PM
champo added a subscriber: champo.Feb 7 2016, 5:09 AM
ariel added a subscriber: ariel.Feb 8 2016, 10:48 AM

I often want to know when the last comment was on a task and who made it. This is a shortcut for digging through my emails; I want to be able to check boards and see if tasks have activity since I last touched them. Any chance of something like this making it in as an option?

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amusso added a subscriber: amusso.Feb 18 2016, 1:00 PM

rP080d838c693b by @chad is absolutely amazing. The workboard is way more useful when tasks are tagged with multiple projects. An example: If you head to Workboards , you can see cards having other tags.

Awesome work, that is a nice feature.

wschroo added a subscriber: wschroo.
dtf added a subscriber: dtf.Feb 25 2016, 11:07 AM

Not sure if this is the right place to request for this, in an earlier build, the cards have username of the task owner on it, which is convenient to do a quick search using Ctrl+F to find tasks by a particular username. In the latest stable build, usernames on the cards are replaced with user photos instead, which makes Ctrl+F by username impossible. I understand that "Advanced Filter" is a workaround, but it is less convenient.

It would be great if we could either bring back the username by default, or fix this so that we could configure the cards to show the usernames.

swisspol removed a subscriber: swisspol.Mar 15 2016, 3:47 PM

One followup request from D14935: Show the workboard column along with the project. Obviously there is a space vs information value tradeoff, but if workboard columns are relevant anywhere wouldn't it be in Workboards? This was feedback from one of our product managers who looks at many different workbaords, not just a single team's.

chad added a comment.Mar 25 2016, 8:09 PM

T10469 is probably the best solution there.

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  • Diff/Mock: These are fairly straightforward, alhtough I'm not totally convinced that they're valuable. At least in my personal workflow, I don't imagine I'd be likely to ever use them, and I don't recall other requests for them offhand. I'm hesitant about building new hard-coded first-party application stuff, too, since we've made so much progress on getting rid of it. I could build this in a generic way, of course, but that makes it less straightforward.

To add some rationale to this, a slightly richer display (T7076's fine-grained information¹), and this task's exposing of that information would be quite helpful; I have built these both, with all the N+1 issues that come with the current implementation, into my installs. Workflows which place heavy emphasis on review, and may have a separate integrator doing merging, benefit from being able to see this, as it allows people to determine whether or not they need to take action.

For instance, a task which has at least one attached revision with requested changes is mostly uninteresting to all but the submitter (though a PM may want to prod the submitter to revise and re-submit). A task with at least one revision in need of review is a good prompt to the rest of the team to perform review: exposing this in the card allows you to discern the forest of possibly higher-level tasks, from the trees of every individual revision² in Differential. A task where all attached revisions have been approved is a good hint to integrators that a quick merge would result in genuine Progress and everyone becoming happier.

¹: As explained in T7076#113881, there are corner-case difficulties to determining this information, but even a 90-95% cut would be a drastic improvement for many workflows.
²: I'll concede that this is a larger issue for workflows which use 'micropatches' in the Linux kernel / workflow, as described in T7076, but think other workflows still benefit. For instance, D16316 may not look interesting in and of itself when looking at the packages view, but if this were exposed in a task card, seeing that T8116 depends on it may prompt you to review it, where you wouldn't necessarily have done so before.

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r8j3 added a subscriber: r8j3.Jul 29 2016, 3:36 PM

Does this ticket request include displaying Status of each Task on the Workboard display?

chad added a comment.Jul 29 2016, 3:55 PM

any customization.

r8j3 added a comment.Jul 29 2016, 4:48 PM

Hi Chad,

I think your reply is : "any customization for Workboard cards is part of this ticket".

If not already part of this ticket, please note my request is to add/display **Status** Text/Icon on the respective card, on the Workboard.

Appreciate it!

chad added a comment.Jul 29 2016, 5:04 PM

How can we make the title and description more clear?

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