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Prototype a package management application
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Build a prototype of a package management application. Eventual use cases are:

  • Distributing arcanist extensions (like linters and commands).
    • Particularly, making it easy for repositories to specify extensions/dependencies and have arc automatically manage them, so you can build an in-house linter and use it in all your projects.
  • Distributing third-party (or maybe unbundled first-party) Phabricator applications.

These are long-term goals, particularly application management.

This is primarily blocked by choosing a cool name.

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Distributing third-party (or maybe unbundled first-party) Phabricator applications.

The primary problem here is that upstream moves crazy fast because @epriestley is some form of human/computer hybrid. It's far more beneficial and maintainable to get changes properly integrated into the upstream.

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None of that really does anything yet, but the next steps (signing, installing) need to have major components in arc, so I'm going to consolidate this into T8115 / T5055 and other related arc work.