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avivey Thanks :)

@pasan.5 we were running on debian for php5 support for a long time, then we moved to arch after T12101 was under way. We've had no issues

Oct 27th, 2017

storrgie thanks

Oct 30th, 2017
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there is a while I did not enter this site and now I realize now I can't publish a bug or issue, which was allowed by default

is it possible for me to send a possible issue?

Perhaps somebody is facing the same, so I explain a little:

When making a preview changes diff with --browse option:

  • it works well in Linux (tested in Debian and CentOS) and opens ok URL in browser
  • it displays the following error in Windows 7:
>>> [17] <exec> $ "start" "<Domain>/differential/diff/XXXXX/"

[2017-10-30 18:55:37] EXCEPTION: (Exception) Failed to passthru proc_open(): proc_open(): CreateProcess failed, error code - 2 at [<phutil>\src\future\exec\PhutilExecPassthru.php:103]
arcanist(head=master, ref.master=0989343a4e0c), phutil(head=master, ref.master=95c065963998)
  #0 PhutilExecPassthru::execute() called at [<phutil>\src\future\exec\execx.php:50]
  #1 phutil_passthru(string, string, string) called at [<arcanist>\src\workflow\ArcanistWorkflow.php:1974]
  #2 ArcanistWorkflow::openURIsInBrowser(array) called at [<arcanist>\src\workflow\ArcanistDiffWorkflow.php:566]
  #3 ArcanistDiffWorkflow::run() called at [<arcanist>\scripts\arcanist.php:394]

@cxzzero: Most support/bugs interaction moved to Discourse.

Nov 1st, 2017

this product continues to show itself to be important, when slack goes down in an organization, no one can communicate in real time, and they have phabricator up & running, then all you have to do is great a group chat w/ the people you need and boom you're up and running straight away.

Nov 3rd, 2017
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How can I create bug reports? It appears that I don't have access to create new tasks anymore. Is there any separate form that I need to access.

Bug reports moved to Discourse.

Nov 5th, 2017
Nov 6th, 2017

hello all, i have an issue while performing 'storage upgrade' with master, the patch '20170918.ref.01.position.php' fails with a MySQL credential error. Does anyone had the same?

Make sure you have permissions to LOCK TABLE and ALTER TABLE.

thanks Avivey. I tries to perform some manual operations in MySQL manually and it worked. Other patches (those in sql format) perfectly worked

i Wonder if there may be a problem especially in .php patches

SQL files will not normally explicitly lock the tables, but other than that there shouldn't be any difference.

wonderful. After triple check of GRANT, obviously, LOCK TABLES was missing. Thanks a lot

Nov 7th, 2017

how do you change a users email address?

I have a user which got their email compromised in a very serious way, got their phone number transfered and google SMS'd them authentication and now they're jailed out of their own account.

I need to change email address to their new email, their new company email instead of their old personal one.

Is this possible in the cli tooling? or do I have to manually modify the database?

I actually don't see a way to do that from the cli. You can change their password, and unlock the account, and then they can login and update the email.

./bin/account-admin to change password, assuming you're using "username+password" auth.

Nov 8th, 2017

Where do I find a list of all possible statuses a reviewer might have?

Where do I find a list of all possible statuses a reviewer might have?

Nov 10th, 2017

Where does arc keep its user config on windows?

wait, nvm, found it

but now arc upgrade is saying that "The current working directory is not part of a working copy for a supported version control system (Git, Subversion or Mercurial)."

and I just git cloneed it

some arc workflows don't work on windows, including version and upgrade. see Windows. Also, these kind of support was moved to Discourse.

I think version was just recently hacked to work on windows

ah, thanks

also curious why it was moved?

@Twilight mostly more involvement from the community at large, and easier tracking of answered vs open questions. We'll probably close this channel at some point in the not too distant future.

also no sign in with phab option rip

Nov 14th, 2017

Wow live notifications look like shit in dark mode.

:D back to normal mode for me

Nov 17th, 2017

@chad I know signup was disabled but just noticed I can't create tasks. Anyways, is linked to by support resources but it shows a security warning (at least in firefox nightly) because the certificate is issues to *, not loads the same page with no security warning

re: apparently several articles on link to :p

NDKila - I've notified the right people; There was an issue with all certs yesterday, and I guess this one wasn't covered.
Seeing how much operational trouble SSL makes, I understand now why popular protocols didn't force it from day one.

@NDKilla @avivey thanks for the report; should be resolved now.

looks like its working good job @amckinley :D

Nov 20th, 2017
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Hello folks, I'm having a little trouble with custom manio

*maniphest forms. I can create one with custom fields, but if I go to edit it the fields then don't show up. If I click through to 'edit form' it seems to be using form type 1 not (in this case) form type 10 that I just created. Can I find which bit of the config tells maniphest which form to use?

My form is marked as an edit form

but it's not super clear how that's meant to work if I have multiple 'create' types?

Hmm, I wonder if i've totally misunderstood this actually, and should just have one 'edit' type wit

h all the fields in it

These kinds of questions are better in Discourse, @agenticarus.

ah, probably true. I think this was all just a misunderstanding tbh

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Nov 21st, 2017
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Where can i post a bug ?

I am getting some PHP warnings when parsing incoming mail:

Command died with status 255: " sudo -u www-data
    /opt/phabricator/phabricator/scripts/mail/mail_handler.php". Command
    output: [2017-11-21 14:54:22] EXCEPTION: (InvalidArgumentException)
    Argument 1 passed to idx() must be of the type array, boolean given, called
    in /opt/phabricator/phabricator/scripts/mail/mail_handler.php on line 42
    and defined at [<phutil>/src/error/PhutilErrorHandler.php:200]
    arcanist(head=master, ref.master=90546042144f), phabricator(head=master,
Nov 24th, 2017
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Dec 2nd, 2017
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Dec 4th, 2017

Hi all, i added some code i want to be reviewable in Phabricator, is there a way to automatically format the code (ie tabs, crlf and so on) using arc ?

or a "indent" set of parameters

You can write a linter that formats the code and produces a diff, and arc will apply this diff. But there isn't a general purpose formatter-lint ready.

i added a feature which allow to log time on a task like in a very well known ticket system, using string like 1h35m

could i directly create a revision here on private?


No, the upstream doesn't take features like that. See Contributing Code and Contributing Feature Requests.

ok, "We do not accept patches against prototype applications.", thats sounds clear

looks like a busy day in the chat. has there been any open discussion about deploying phabricator to aws lambda?

Dec 5th, 2017

Did something change in the search code recently? After updating to 2017 week 47 (from week 45) our search quality has degraded horribly. I don't know if it's ferret related, do ngrams now take precedence over fulltext results from elastic? I can't see any relevant code changes in the git log for the two weeks in question

epriestley isn't here.

Dec 12th, 2017

How can I find out what the limit on the maximum number of tasks is?

The type of ID field is int(10) unsigned, which according to has a limit of about 4 Billion IDs.
You should be able to change it to bitint unsigned if that's not enough.

Dec 21st, 2017

Hei there, anyone here with experience using the calendar.event.edit Conduit Call? I can't manage to use use it properly when setting Dates :-(

Dec 23rd, 2017
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Is there a way to allow Phabricator to be used in an anonymous manner, i.e. without user accounts

Jan 14th, 2018
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Jan 15th, 2018

@ipatrol Generally speaking questions for help with phabricator should go on discord

to answer your policy though, theres a "Public" (no account required) view policy. not sure if it works as an edit policy. that seems kinda weird

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Jan 16th, 2018

on discord?

I'm trying to get authors of all commits which were used to create a diff. differential.querydiffs provides full info in ['properties']['local:commits']. It is frozen though and it is suggested to use instead. How can I get commits info from this API?

Jan 17th, 2018

@cspeckmim ah, thanks, thought they were talking about a different discord

whoops. yeah i meant discourse

Jan 19th, 2018

I was trying to set up Phab to observe an SVN repo. The SVN user does not have permission to access the root url, but only has access to a sub folder. This user is able to checkout code normally on his computer, but using the same user as credential for the SVN URI fails since the user does not have permission to the root.

On reading Phab docs, I can see that we need to supply the SVN root and not the sub folder as URI. Is there any way to observe the repo without having access to the root? Thanks!