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  1. How to use docker links visit phabricator api ?
  2. In addition, I tried to access by native address and failed.


container_name: pha
  - pha-mysql
  - 9200:80
  - pha-repos:/repos:z
  - pha-files:/files:z
  - cloap_ldap
  - pha-mysql
  - MYSQL_HOST=pha-mysql
  - ENABLE_APCU=true
restart: always


build: ./pha-syc
  - pha
  CS_API_TOKEN: api-h3cf72mkwe6nxdr2lhj2s6o57tk0
  F_WITKEY_URL: http://pha/api/

curl http://pha/api/ -d api.token=api-h3cf72mkwe6nxdr2lhj2s6o57tkh

This request asked for "/api/" on host "pha", but no site is configured which can serve this request

http://pha/api/ is not a valid address

Phabricator requires a fully qualified domain name, with a dot in it.

But I want to by docker links , How do it ?

In my pha-sysc docker container ping pha is ok.

I don't really understand why you're asking us how Docker works.

Go ask them?

Aug 31st, 2017

I think Evan once wrote an explanation for why he liked the /D123123 urls much more than /diff/123123. @chad do you remember where he might have written it?

Never seen such a document. We like monograms, as that's what D12345 is, for remarkup and other reference points. Just a number doesn't scale.

man.. I hate this being online, <-- a few of those are no longer true. :(

whoa.. I didn't know that phabricator was not in ubuntu,

I wish people wouldn't do that ... (add Phabricator without discussion from the upstream). That version is ancient.

Sep 1st, 2017

"20160124" wtf olddddd

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Anyone know off hand if there is a way to suppress lint warnings for a specific line a file? I've got a few files that have very long lines which have to stay that way. It would be great to suppress the chars-per-line warning for those specific cases. I thought there was some sort of occult #(^._.^)ノplease_gods_of_lint_show_clemency(^._.^)ノ# bit that could be put on the line before to tell lint to stuff it. Maybe I'm remembering a Facebook-ism that was never part of Phabricator though.

Some Googlin' seems led me no where useful

@jacksongabbard No idea if theres a solution for that or not but just an FYI that support has moved to Discourse

Does this qualify as a support request? I suppose in some sense it does, but I also fully expect I'm just remembering something that doesn't exist outside of Facebook. Hardly seems to warrant a help ticket.

@jacksongabbard Using discourse isn't exactly opening a support ticket. It's a community support flatform that more-or-less resembles a form. I believe that this chat is just no longer the place to ask these kinds of questions but I guess thats more up to chad / others

Anyways asking it there wouldn't hurt because others could see it more than here.

topical conversations are just easier to manage / segment on Discourse than a chat room

Sep 2nd, 2017

Actually, why isn't Locate File (by typing a name) available in every Directory Browse view?

It'd be difficult to achieve that

We could do what GitHub does and make it a button/separate page, but not sure that's beneficial. The typeahead seems fine here, but maybe there are use cases for the full page I'm not really aware of.

Sep 3rd, 2017
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Sep 5th, 2017

Almighty Phabricator overlords. I've spent my whole morning trying to post a build status back to Harbormaster using the harbormaster.sendmessage and a bot conduit token. Keep on hitting {"error":"ERR-CONDUIT-CORE","errorMessage":"ERR-CONDUIT-CORE: No such build target!","response":null}. When calling that endpoint with my personal api token it works fine. Am I missing some permission setup for bot users?

Hi ... I'm looking for some advice about a weird situation we got into doing some "testing" today ... To cut a long story short we were simulating what we could do if one dev was OOO for a day or two and code needed landing

Dev 1 on holiday
Dev 2 does an arc patch <revision> and commandeers the revision in the WebUI
Dev 2 modifies a file and arc diffs
because Dev 1 wasn't actually on holiday we were in a weird place where Dev 1 could then update code and arc diff overwriting Dev 2's changes and then arc land it ... admittedly with warnings that it was no longer their change, but we didn't get any warnings about the progression of change from Dev 2.

Is there anything that we can do to enforce the chain of change and stop one from landing differentials over the other? Or is this a case of "dont ignore warnings you crazy fool"?

You can use Discourse now to ask questions about Phabricator. This is preferred since it's threaded and a larger audience.

Will do .. thanks

Is there an equivalent to DifferentialStoredCustomField for storing custom data for a repo? I see that the repository table has a details field which stores JSON; is there any way to add data to that from an edit screen?

"No" to both questions, @darkwing

Sep 6th, 2017

@darkwing we achieved something similar using a .repodata file in the repository so we could query custom content directly (from jenkins for builds and integration) on a per repo basis without "obviously" affecting users work ... which also means that it typically sits under gitignore being a dot file

@kiptonui Nice! I'll think on that! Thank you!

Is it possible to get the destination repo from within a DifferentialCommitMessageCustomField? i.e. after executing arc diff but before the revision is created / submitted? I'd like to know the repository PHID in the validation step.

It might be possible. A Revision is created from a Diff; A Diff should have a repository in it already. It should exist before creating the diff for Staging repos, etc. I think the CommitMessage is processed in the Revision creation phase, so the information should exist already.

Sep 7th, 2017

How do I tech my EditEngine that they need to Index the object after applying transactions?

Hey team, I'm running into this issue recenly, not sure where to start

getting #1054: Unknown column 'participationStatus' in 'where clause' when user go back to Phabricator to set password after register

I've run ./bin/storage adjust and everything is up to date with latest phabricator version

Are multiple PhabricatorRepositoryPullLocalDaemon instances possible? Someone just made a huge import and other repos became starved

Recommend these questions go to Discourse

Sep 8th, 2017

all questions.

Is there a conduit api which will associate a commit with a differential revision?

Sep 13th, 2017

so just tried to upload a file, got this issue.

I've uploaded numerous other files.

it was a conference .mp3 file, upload limit is set to around 200mb, file was only 57mb

@robert.kraig the default storage engine has a max size and I'm guessing you just hit it. Have you configured any storage engine besides the default?

@amckinley nope, do I need to increase this size via phabricator?

says I was using the mysql storage engine, how do I say to use the local-disk?

I ran sudo -u phabricator ./bin/files migrate --engine local-disk --all

it showed it copy a bunch of files to disk/

but when I tried to upload another large-ish file, same error as before.

so I don't know if it's using the correct "default" engine..

do I need to restart phd?

Visit https://your-phab-install/applications/view/PhabricatorFilesApplication/ and see if the local disk storage shows up as configured.

that's what I'm seeing.

also.. I see that disk says 8mb

how do I increase that to the size of the server, which is 200mb

Try using the drag and drop file upload instead of the upload form?

@amckinley that worked, isn't there or didn't there used to be a little upload progress notification previously?.. right now you just hope it shows up eventually.

I have notifications aphlic server setup & configured, shows notifications when users add new messages etc..

Hmmm there definitely should be a progress bar. How recently have you updated your install? We had a bug briefly where users that had disabled notifications would lose all notifications, which might be what you're seeing. Fixed today in D18600.

I'm going to pull that update in right now then.

Sep 14th, 2017

@amckinley thanks for the help, that fixed my issue with the progress bar.

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hey all, my team loved phabricator! but in the Active Revisions query, we'd love to see the name of the repository next to each revision. is there any way to do that currently?

Sep 15th, 2017

@maxlapides - I don't believe there's any way to do that currently. You could make tags per repo and use herald rules to tag revisions from specific repos though -- I believe tags show up on that query? Might want to test that first

Hmm nope, tags do not show on the revisions query

That's not supported yet, but covered under T418.

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@epriestley, I had a bug report about the CSS minifier taking out whitespace it isn't supposed to touch. Unfortunately, I seem to have been stripped of my task-filing privileges. What would you suggest?

Repro: Put something like content: "Foo: "; into your CSS file, let the minifier have a go at it, observe that the space after the colon disappears.

Evan isn't in this chat. In general, bug reports should go into Discourse. If you select the "Bug" category when posting it'll give you a template for providing all the necessary info.

@lesha - bug reports go on the discourse now,

Thanks, folks!

Ooh, yay, I have to make more accounts :/

Sep 18th, 2017

Hi may I ask a question about Rebuild index after I upgrade phabricator.
it is very slow when I do rebuild index. it cost me 16 hours and do only 20%. how can I rebuild index except the repos/commit?

Can anyone point to a task or something with an explanation for why Releeph died?

Sep 19th, 2017

No one uses it

it wasn't built by the upstream

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