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Show Arcanist project in Differential's list of revisions
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Currently one can see status, author and reviewers for a revision in the list. I believe having the Arcanist project a revision belongs to being shown as well would greatly improve the ability to look through a list of revisions and be able to pick one based on the project context info. Otherwise one always has to remember that a certain revision ID or title belong to a certain project.

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Evan, what's your view on this?

This is already possible but really hard and not documented. I don't think it's useful enough to turn on by default. We could add config for it, but I'd rather fix the state of the custom config / field spec world, since it's causing us a lot of other problems. Unfortunately, this means it will probably be a while before we see much action here.

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T7604 removes the "Arcanist Project" field, but we could show the repository instead.

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This was directly obsoleted by the removal of arcanist projects.

T4863 will allow customizations.