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Allow Workboards to show a thumbnail image within each card
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Related to T4863: Allow Workboard Cards to be customized for display, we've gotten requests from various designers, to enable an optional view that shows a "thumbnail of attachments" on the workboard cards. This would assist more visually-oriented people in finding/triaging tasks.
It's a core feature of Trello, as shown here:

For reference: The way Trello does it, is by giving users an option to "Make cover" or "Remove cover". I believe it makes the first attachment a "cover" image by default.

Then each board has a "Card Cover Images Enabled" setting.

Hope that helps. :-)

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We don't really have attachments in Maniphest. Our expectation is that people with either use Pholio (in case of design) or drop images into the description via Remarkup.

My main concern here is I don't understand the problem we're solving. This looks cool but even as a designer myself I don't really understand the benefit or if we should be improving Pholio instead. What specifically is the workflow that this will improve?

chad added a comment.Oct 6 2015, 10:43 PM has a bit more detail on helping us understand what you're looking for.

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chad added a comment.Feb 7 2016, 1:53 AM

We may have implemented this at HEAD. Kinda bare bones, but pretty!