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Can not visually differentiate between "stalled" and "open" tasks on a workboard
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I'm responsible for triaging incoming tasks for my team. We have a workboard with your basic columns/sub-projects/milestones.

Sometimes there are tasks that come in with not enough/unclear information and I need to ask for more before triaging. To indicate on the task that not much can proceed until the information is given I set the status to "stalled". That's great, now the reporter knows they're on the hook. Most times I also remember to tell them to reset to the "Needs triage" status after they've answered the questions.

The task is also still in the default "To triage" column on our main workboard. That's also fine as it has yet to be triaged.

But, my issue is when I come back to triaging new tasks and it's been a while (I've been on vacation for a bit) and I look at the "To triage" column and some number of those are stalled and some are not.

Just now I've added a link to the menu on this workboard with a custom view of tasks that are Open but not Stalled to filter those out. This works for now but I feel like there could be a more elegant solution.

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This is either T10333 or T4863. I'd guess the former will happen first. Filter is probably the best workaround until then. See also T12374 maybe, although I think that task involved a lot of meandering.

I'm going to merge this into T10333 since that's probably realistically the nearest resolution.