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swim lanes for pending tasks
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As a developer
I'd like to put my pending tasks (waiting for some blocker tasks) visually to some other place than the normal task which can be dealt with without delay. IMHO that visual distinction could be an other swim lane above the normal columns. It would be fully visible only when there are some pending tasks, if empty there would be some narrow bar or sg.
So pending tasks wont get unnecessary attention and the folks assigned to the tasks blocking the pending tasks would be aware of the urgency of their work.

Also this has much to do with the concept of blocker tasks and subtasks. Any visual distinction of these would be helpful (blockers and blocked id-s revealed on cards, and parent-sub relationships)

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It's an interesting idea, but it has issues since we'd no longer have a single vision of a board or column. We generally expect Dashboards do the heavy lifting when it comes to providing you with your view of your workload. Additional tasks that might interest you:

T4863: Allow Workboard Cards to be customized for display
T5793: Add support for personal workboards

The personal workboards is the more interesting task, it would independent and let you organize just your work without disrupting a Project's board.

Going to merge it over so we'll have this information on that ticket.

thx, T4863: Allow Workboard Cards to be customized for display would do the trick if blocking and blocked task id caould be added as a custom field to cards.